With all the HD reissues going on, why NOT this one?

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Seriously… of everything, you’re going to jump on the fact that I said “95% sure”…
I said that because I will never, NEVER, state that I am 100% sure of anything that I do not have first hand knowledge of.

I don’t work for SEGA or GBX, there for I do not know exactly what will or won’t happen. There for it is impossible for me to know 100% that they will never return to the game and make another update.
I do have a very strong felling given SEGA’s history that there is basically no chance GBX would ever get the chance to return to the game and continue support.

Short answer… figure of speech.

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SEGA don’t have the money to patch or remaster A:CM. As a last time heard they are now focusing on F2P and mobile games. The only AAA title they kept is the Total War franchise. And yes, Alien: Isolation was a great game, but sadly it wasn’t a financial success (mostly thanks to the bad reputation of A:CM which one was sold more by pre-orders than A:I).

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I would give anything for a total GFX, debug, and AI rework, as well as increase to steady 60Fps all movement… I think Gearbox could do a decent Overhaul in-house…

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