With anoints being a thing now, one time obtainable-only items definitely shouldn't be

This feels like an inherently bad design to me. With items that are only possible to be obtained once, but are possible to get anoints, they either shouldn’t be able to get anoints, or they should be obtainable as world drops or other sources after obtaining them the first time.
As it is right now, people are either read-only farming them or getting a really bad roll on the item, only to never really use it. This is backwards when it comes to the whole essence of Borderlands, which is farming for the perfect items. If you’re not able to farm for these items and you’re getting a really bad one and without an anoint on it, what’s the point?

Maybe anoints are the whole problem here. They certainly make legendary items feel even less legendary as pretty much every item you get now has to have an anoint on it or it’s straight up getting left on the ground.

I certainly don’t see how this makes sense in the slightest. It only limits things that should be available as a standard.



got the new torgue weapon (without anointment) never going to use it… just keeping it around for… i dunno, if i find an anointed one on an other char it’s gone…

M4 is allmost so anointed dependant, most items that drop are instant vendor trash because they don’t have any anointments… (and anointments being random themselves…)


M4 should be 80% annointed if not 100% only. If M5 is a thing then it should be 100% annointed but I probably rather M4 just rain annointed far better than the current M4 rate


50% would even be a much needed improvement :astonished:

but yeah… give each mayhem mode an increased % like they inflate everything else.

An improvement on anoints would definitely be ideal with these items. Or a way to roll anoints on the gear we get at the very least. Limiting it to one item per playthrough is not ideal at all.

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Don’t understand why they never switched from having to redo the entire campaign plus quests, to allowing us to just redo each quest as we desire, the mechanic for repeatable quests has already been there in the series for a long time.


Let us reset things like hunts, or add the items to world drop once you got mission item. I want an annointed bekkah but not gonna keep running through the game to get a level 50 for ONE chance at annointed.

yeah. even aside from one time obtainable items, non anointed drops are hurts my feelings to the game. seeing a maggie, lyuda,brainstormer on the ground and not even looking at them because they dont have anoints…And the anoints that doesnt deserve to be called as anoints. they are just there to be there. they are just there to make u excited at first then leave you with a disappointment. Like what the hell im gonna do with lil bit more fire rate or lil bit more status efect chance or accuracy buffs ffs. Gearbox balancing the content around damage numbers, then releasing some anoints and guns to just make the grind harder seriously. it takes all the fun from the game for me. Recently i started making tvhm playtroughs without using anoints and mayhem levels and it became much more fun. Not because it becomes easier but it lets you to get excited about the drops. picking up guns from the ground and using it on your next enemy is the real fun. And mayhem levels and anoint hunting lowers the choices and thats not the thing why i love borderlands. i love borderlands because of the large variety on the gunplay. What is the point having bazilion guns but only 10-20 of them are good for your hardest difficulty(if they have good anoints on them). Finished the dlc on tvhm without mayhem levels and had fun. i used 30-40 different gun. Then turned on the m3 to go farm some anointed gear and my previous guns that i enjoyed was tickling the bosses. i went trough my mules geared up with anointed guns(the ones that i bored of using them) and started farming untill i realise anointed drop rates are still ■■■■. even with the high legendary drop rates on the new dlc, guaranteed drops from bosses etc. but only the %10 of them anointed at max with crappy rolls. i couldnt manage to find a gear that is better than what i found on no-mayhem playtrough. Because anointed drop rates are sucks so much.


@Enfo tally agree. After I finished all the dlc stuff I walked away with I think 3 of the new dlc weapons including mail annointed total. And the mail items can only randomly be annointed if I reset the entirety of TVHM and play everything again for whatever % chance at them being annointed. After I clear all the content. Yikes.

At this point it feels like M4 balance was a mistake and it should simply be labeled M5 or M6 or something, it’s that huge of a leap from M3. And I’m comfortably farming TVMH M4 mind you, just saying M3 and M4 is several leaps of difficulty difference IMO.

If they’re going to continue this power creep they should have the “pinnacle” content be M5-6 replacing M4, and current M4 be a step up from 3. Like numbers wise something like this:

  • M4: Enemy Shields and Armor 400%, Loot X%
  • M5: Enemy Shields and Armor 700%, Loot X%
  • M6: Current M4, Loot X%

With loot, xp, and currency, being substantially higher than it is now, and annointments going up to either 100% at max mayhem or close. Random spawns should also be upped at higher mayhems, and dedicated drops should be around where the dlc is now.

These are just figures and not perfect and my opinion of course, but after you platinum the game and 100% the dlc you’re hunting for very specific gear and there’s just so many combinations and variables. I can honestly say I’ve never found one piece of gear myself that I considered perfect for my build, or the exact parts and annointments. I always settle or make what I found work. That’s fine and not unheard of in looter games, but after 400 hours you’d think I’d have better gear than I have now playing predominately the maximum difficulty with the highest chance at rewards for the game.

As it stands now, I have an ok setup, like I said I can handle the content fine, but my gear could be considerably improved if the annointments drop rates were further tuned.

I agree, I was so happy someone was able to give me a Bekah with a 100% damage ASE anointment, my FL4K SMOKES M3 Graveward, especially with nice mods.

Fortunately on the PC you can copy and paste sav files to repeat the ending of a one time quest allowing you to farm the reward.

I’ve got one with 100% Rakk Attack damage. I’ve started an Amara and just need to EXP farm her from Level 41 to Level 50 and then run through the game to get a few specific items for her. Looking for a 300% damage Phaseslam anointed Bekah for her.

Think of it. Bekah, with 300% damage. Oh, the possibilities.

It’s just not a good design standpoint at all if people have to do this, which those with the option and knowledge to do so, will. There should be a legitimate way of obtaining these items without having to circumvent things like this.


if you’re talking about the scoville, i’d recommend it whether it’s annointed or not that pistol is bad A.

edit: context- I carried m4 circle of slaughter with just that pistol, just be careful not to kill yourself with it.

One of the biggest BL3 disappointments for me was that we couldn’t reset either individual side quests or all side quests (I could have lived with either option) - we still HAVE to reset the entire story in TVHM like we did in BL2.
Le sigh…


Honestly right there in the menu is a list of all the quests you’ve completed, we should be able to highlight the quest and choose to reset them individually.

As for mail in items after completing tasks like Moxxis radio towers we should also have at least the option to reset them, or another way to farm those specific rewards. Missed opportunity to say the least IMO.

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Yes, things like the crew challenges should be reset when we reset the play through.

Hate to see great guns like Bekah becoming completely useless once we get the lvl cap raise in the future.


Simple solution, once you’ve done everything to obtain the weapon once, it can then either world drop or farmable from a specific enemy to do with the challenge.