With BL3 being a long way off how about a new expansion DLC for TPS to tie us over

There are still plenty of people playing TPS (many more than BB at least on PC). The Pre Sequel feels like it needs just a little more to give it the bulk for players to keep playing it. I know 2K AUS developed TPS and they are no longer here but that does not mean we could not have a team from Gearbox themselves or another company take it on. Just saying.


It could be pretty cool, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s very likely.

another large BL2 DLC would also work for me, honestly.


I concur as long as it’s done by gearbox directly, not 2k Australia, there’s a completely different feel to each and while I like the presequel, I still like 2 better.

We should’ve gotten a Fall Of New Haven DLC. Athena even teased it after the main quest, but instead all we got was a Claptrap DLC, whose only real redeeming quality, was that it showed how Claptrap survived being scrapped after Jack took over Hyperion.


Both TPS’ and BL 2’s life cycles are over, so don’t expect anything else to be released for either of them aside from golden keys, which don’t cost the company anything to provide. That being said, I’d like to see a new DLC for either game, especially for TPS because I think it got the short end of the stick when it came to content.


Fall of new heaven as Raid man

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There would have to be a stand alone expansion pack for Borderlands 2 as it is already pushing the older system to their limits with the all the equipment the game has and it would be too soon for a remastered version (which would be nice if we could carry over our stuff if they did).

TPS would be the most favorable candidate between the two for any beefy content. That itself is not as large as Borderlands 2 which means it has not yet tried strangling the older systems and with only one DLC and no head hunter packs there is a lot of breathing room for one giant expansion pack (I dislike DLC) that would make the game worth playing again.

That said we all have a better chance of being struck by pink lightening than witnessing more content being released, which is unfortunate.


Claptrap’s DLC was hella good, did we play the same DLC? Next to Dragon Keep and Zed’s DLC from BL1 I think that might be one of the best


They’re the same thing, Troubled. DLC just means Downloaded(or loadable) Content. The Claptrap DLC would have been called an expansion pack back in the day, the same as what we got in the Season Pass for BL 2.


So…the REAL Gearbox fans are the ones who don’t respect the creativity of the company and just want the same thing churned out every year until it’s run into the ground? The ones whose only reason to hate Battleborn is that it isn’t the Borderlands game they feel they’re owed RIGHT F*****G NOW?

This is everything wrong with the entertainment industry. Why allow any creativity when you can just do the safe thing over and over again? Gearbox put a lot of love and hard work into Battleborn, and it shows in the final product. I love Borderlands too, but don’t let it destroy the potential of everything else this group of incredibly talented people can give us.


Well, since 2K Aus has long since been shuttered and all the lights turned off, you’re safe there. (Although as a Brit I personally really enjoyed the humour and experience of TPS, I realise it’s not everybody’s cuppa tea!)

Responding to the OP, if a major DLC expansion of either BL2 or TPS was undertaken, I can’t help thinking that it would actually delay BL3. And since BL3 is already under way then personally I’m going with “No” to any more BL2/TPS content. Roll on BL3!


We will have to agree to disagree then. I don’t consider the DLCs in Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and TPS to be expansion pack quality even if if all of the content in their respective games were added together.

In order to be an expansion pack in my books they have to like LOTR: Rise of the Witch King or Command and Conquer: Kane’s Wrath. Both expansion packs added tons of content and whole new stories. Hours upon hours of content that kept me occupied and wanting to go back for more.

The DLC that came the closest to what I consider an expansion pack is Tina’s DLC as it was quite a bit different and had a good story.

Yep. The have shown they are good at one thing and that is Borderlands everything else has been mediocre at best. Sure they can try new things but it should not be at the expense of the one thing their fans love them for.

No-one can speak for all fans.

So please don’t. I love Borderlands AND Battleborn.


I’ll give you Aliens and Duke Nukem, but those weren’t really products of Gearbox’s creativity. What I like about Gearbox Originals are the amazing characters and the humour, which Battleborn has in spades, along with great gameplay.

Honestly, I always assumed I would hate Borderlands because I never liked first person shooters or RPGs, so it seemed like a recipe for disaster. It took a free episode of Tales that I downloaded on a whim to show me what Borderlands could actually offer. Then I took a chance on the main games and here I am today as a member of Gearbox’s fan forums. It also taught me that sometimes getting out of my video game comfort zone could be a really good thing, and I’ve been trying to keep that in mind lately.


Zealots always do. With so few people still playing Battleborn I think I am safe to say I am speaking for the vast majority.

With over 20 Million people playing Overwatch it would be also safe to say that Overwatch has more fans of Borderlands than Battleborn does.

Ah good, the old “when in doubt, mention Overwatch” argument.

I guess Gearbox should just give up on shooters in general, I mean they’ll never sell as much as the latest COD game, will they?


What’s a zealot, in this context? I’m intrigued.

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Not if they make games like Battleborn, another unsuccessful game like this and we will probably see them forced to give up all types of games.