With FL4K and Amara new tree reveal

So i know everyone has a certain play style with the 3 trees, but now we have a 4th skill tree coming in. So far, I love what I hear with FL4K and Ion Bot. I know for sure i’ll be reworking their skill tree with the new tree but will have to read up on the best combo that would help me be better with them.

the one i am for sure struggling with is Amara. I have her built that I do a lot of elemental damage, a bit of crowd control, my healing is crazy and if i go down i come back up. I do like this combo, but im trying to thing how the new tree will change the build. and if we are in fact going to get an increase in level (which im surprised in a sense isnt as high as BL2, but maybe we will see it)

Anyway, what are your guys thoughts on the new Purple trees for Fl4k and Amara? im excited for sure

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can not wait to check how easily abusable/not abusable fuzzy math is

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Fl4k can pet build with a bandaid solution. Not really sure how to take that but leaning towards disappointed with the outcome.

The skill has about a one second cooldown and at max investment is 15% shield refill. It doesn’t sound too good, sadly.

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thank god it has cool down then because otherwise it would break so many things. i would not say it is sad it is great to hear!

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I think everyone was expecting a cooldown. That wasn’t surprising. It’s the amount refilled. 15% when I guess I was expecting 6% per point so ar max 30%.

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Yea, I don’t know how I feel about Amara. The new action skill looks pretty awesome, but the rest of the tree being so melee focused is kinda a turn off for me. It just sounds like it’s going to pigeon hole into using a Facepuncher for most everything.

The problem I have with the FP builds is that it’s just 1 gun that does melee damage and gets super boring to use after about an hour. Even though the damage is great, I almost always respec because it’s just so boring lol


Amara new tree seems to offer mildly interesting options for melee build and action skill build

Too bad “ebb and flow” (life recovery for melee) is a kill skill, for a moment I thought knife drain relic or static charge relic + sustainment were no longer necessary.

I wonder about the clear the mind capstone it says it ignores elemental resistances but not immunity? If you still can 't inflict status ailment on anointed enemies I don’t see the point.

For the action skill damage I m rather skeptical, will have to see this thing in action to see if you can really have a pure action skill or at least hybrid melee build.

Fl4k tree smells like bugs, lot of bugs… I will read attentively test reports for this one, particularly all the shields that are not going to work with pets :rofl:

I’m more into Amara’s. The amount of synergy and interactivity I’m seeing with this tree is great. And IIRC the facepuncher can’t move the ball, so hopefully more true melee builds come out of this.

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Amara’s new tree looks awesome. I’m a melee player so I’m very happy. Goodbye knife drain and blue tree! I did notice a good amount of splash stuff also in there so, although melee seems the clearest option, I’m expecting we’re gonna start seeing some cool Torgue builds for Amara. Projectile speed and splash damage in tier 1? Yes please.

yep it makes real melee godly

Amara’s new tree is so broken it’s funny

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Fl4k didn’t get much meanwhile Amara gets all the love about what I expected.


We need more melee type guns on par with FP. I’m tired of FP. I want something equally good but a diff gun.

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Also it’s weird that Amara’s 4th tree is way better than Flak’s. It’s obvious the YT streamers prefer Amara. I feel bad for Flak.

I hope Zane and Moze will be better than Flaks but not broken like Amara.


Amaralands 3 I dread zane and moze skill tree reveal.


At least our favourite characters are going to have a few more builds to play with which in my opinion totally beats a whole new character. Maybe soon we will start seeing new anointments and class mods as well to accommodate these new builds and action skills.

Maybe DLC 6 will add new gear as well as a major level cap increase.

Yea, if they added more guns that deal melee damage I’d be ok with it. At the end of the day this is a shooter game, not Mortal Kombat lol. I want to shoot the guns not run around and punch people! Lol

I think Zane will be good solely from what is known about his new action skill. Im assuming it will function like Rakk attack, proccing ASE stuff easily, with hopefully a short cool down and who knows, maybe it’ll do decent damage along the way

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Please no. This absurd concept of melee that is not melee has already gone way overboard (fishslap, stinger).


Lol I AGREE. You got a good point.

Moxsy was streaming and a Ripper dropped with a new anointment: While in Iron Bear, deal 100% extra damage with Vanquisher Rocket Pods. Talk about OP… So I guess we can expect new anointments and they won’t just be for new skills.

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