With new skill trees incoming: Start a new playthrough or just Respec?

I need lvl 65 mules anyway so I was probably thinking of just starting new characters of each person to play their skill tree from scratch starting at level 1. Was curious how your guys approach is going to be.

I could just respec and play around with it but…eeehhhh…I am slow to get a feel for new things in games so I think if I just respec that I’d probably get my first assumptions really bad and think a skill is garbage because I don’t know how it interacts with other stuff in Mayhem Mode.

I’ve done 58 playthrough so yeah, I’ll do another 16 or so with the new skill trees I’d imagine.

If you want mules, just copy your save files labeled with a number (1.sav) and rename them to a different number, (8000), rename them to ‘unnamed mule’ or some such thing, drop all the loot and use that that file to copy paste your other mules. Eg. copy 8000 and name it 8001 and so on. Unless of course you play on console.

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I just respec, it is easy and cost nothing but money that I have in abundance, I don’t want to bother to play the story which I am not very fond of, if I want mules as I have the dlc I can directly create a lv13 character that starts in Sanctuary, no need to copy save game or to play the story.
If I don’t understand something and want to test it I respec and put only the points that I need, and go to sanctuary or better casino tower to fight Coco Chantelle which is the ideal lone enemy to test stuff. All in all respec is a super powerful and easy tool it’s really good feature of Bl and I enjoy it as I change my builds frequently.


I don’t understand it either. I did 4 playthroughs for each of the VHs and let me tell you, it was a struggle to get through 3 and 4. Like you said, if I need a mule you can just create one at level 13 and sell some of the infinite useless guns that are mailed by the manufacturer to up backpack space.

Otherwise respec is my friend

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the story is not my fondest unfortunately :frowning: but I had the same issue when deciding this. I loved playing every character and each character starting in a different tree in all the other games. I was looking forward to do that also w this game, however the story is too long. It is so long that even speed running makes me feel like ill never finish. now i did my first PT with a friend and it was fun and exciting. it still took 2 full days to complete. on my 2nd PT i knew everything i was doing and mashed it out nicely. On my 3rd i was speeding it but i was so bored and uninterested with the story, not because i know what happens, but because i had to sit through and realize how much i dont like it. I didn’t finish my 3rd PT for a couple months and My 4th took WAY too long just cause i dreaded doing it.

And now they added a new set of skills and my fondness of the old games makes me want to do a whole new PT. But their also saying theirs “directors and developers cuts DLC” and normally in media that means story that was cut (for this it could be just content i suppose) but in the event they add MORE story to go along with the already long content, ill be waiting a while before i restart any charecter. cause rn they are doing everything and anything to improve end game, and thats where im gonna stay until they want to fix the nasty, plot holed mess.

in this essay i will…

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How convenient for PC players. I am on Xbox so I do things traditionally.

I did at least 13 playthroughs (8 separate Mozes, 2 Flaks, 1 Amara, and 1 Zane, extra Moze on TVHM). It was indeed a struggle. There were times my mind was just on autopilot. Sometimes I’m surprised I’m already on Eden 6 when I was just in Promethea 2 hours ago.

The most enjoyable playthrough was the first time and this one I am playing right now— just using whatever weapon I can pick up and not doing power xp leveling.


This is not a bad idea to get a real feel of each skill tree instead of respeccing. This also gives you the option to focus a specific VH for a specific set of gear. Reapeccing might make sense if each VH can hold 400 items.

So for example I have a Moze who’s gear is all Exit on IB. There’s something I learned and appreaciate just by equipping this kind of gear. My playstyle and build had to change just for this Moze type. On top of that I have a mule who’s stuff is all about Exit on IB.

Then I have another Moze whose gear is mostly 160% splash. Another one with CH. Another one with 1 hp, uRad. You get the idea.

Initially I did the respeccing process but it got to the point where evaluating a build becomes too hasty because I had to keep respeccing when the build sucks in Proving Grounds but it turns I just need time to readjust my style and gear. When I keep respeccing, I had no way of knowing that because I keep changing the build and reequipping from my bank.

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I would never torture myself to play the campaign again as it is.

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I enjoyed the campaign, but I’ve already got 9 characters and that’s 5 more than I really want. I’m sure that if I find the new trees appealing I can change one of my existing characters.

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