With the end of Mayhem Mild today

For the love of Pandora, please Gearbox, make this the last time we need to re-roll.


We need the choice to pick any modifiers we want.
Allow us to pick M10 with 0 modifiers or play M0 with all the modifiers.


Gearbox have said they are aware of this request to choose or disable modifiers. Hopefully it will come in a future patch. I am concerned with the immediate future before any patch is developed.

I just want GBX to not mess with the modifier selection until then.


I really hope they do sooner then later!
I love the game but it seems like so many little things still need to be fixed or patched and I’m not sure if this is there priority at the moment.


Do we get to keep the last one we picked??

Don’t know. I’m guessing that if you have not re-rolled in the event then your modifiers will revert to the ones you picked pre-event.

Unfortunately no. I had rolled all the good modifiers I’ve wanted before the Mild event. Now I have to do some rerolls.


Ah, that $ux. I have 2 Zanes, 2 Amaras, 2 FL4Ks and a Moze to roll :frowning:

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By the time you reroll 7 VHs with your preferred modifiers, DLC4 will be out …


innit :frowning:

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When GBX removed Chain Gang and forced re-rolls (I didn’t even have it as a modifier) three events ago, that was it for me.
I have 6 Vault Hunters, and there has been zero incentive to go through the wasted time re-rolling trying to avoid modifiers known to crash my PS4.

I will do one VH through DLC4 and be done, most likely for good.

Mayhem 2.0 took a game I really really enjoyed, and turned it into nothing but an annoying and aggravating mess.
If GBX goal was to chase off players, they were very successful with Mayhem 2.0


I stayed at M8 simply because it only has 2 modifiers, one of them “beneficial”. Getting JUST 2 was tedious enough, I don’t have the patience to try and get 4…

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Just get rid of the modifiers. Completely


33k active players dropped to 3k at one point.


Mayhem Modifiers are what’s holding this game back from being great … or even good.

GB ignoring players on these game killers are only hurting themselves. Even though GB has made a few efforts to improve the game here and there, they have been missing the target the entire time.

GB already has my money for this game but this will be the last GB game I ever buy.


When I first read about “mayhem mild” I though: “wow! Maybe they have changed something about the modifiers! Now I can come back and play!”

Then I continued reading and I found myself disillusioned…

I’m waiting for the day when modifiers will become optional and selectable.