With the extra elemental projectile interaction removed, some weapons might need some help

The title says it all. There is a handful of weapons in the game that were only ever seeing use because of how they interacted with bonus elements, particularily ricochet based weapons. Some of them are still good without it, but others, I feel, will need a bit of a buff in order to not become completely irrelevant. Guns I can think off the back of my head:

  • The Projectile Recursion: That’s obviously the big one. Probably the most broken interaction in the game is now gone, leaving a kind of crappy shotgun that I don’t think a lot of people are still going to use. It needs a bit of a damage buff and personally I’d love to see its charge speed increased considerably.
  • The Wagon Wheel: Needs damage. Sure, it creates ricochets all over the place, but its base damage is just too low.
  • The Carrier: A weapon that had a short moment of glory when it was added to Judge Hightowers loot pool and became farmable, before being overshadowed by the OPQ. Needs damage.
  • Lucien’s Call: Was already kind of bad to begin with. It was a solid weapon on release but took a nerf to accuracy and handling (which really wasn’t neccessary) and got power crept. Needs way more damage.
  • Rowan’s Call: Same thing, needs more damage.

Yeah this really killed the Rowans Call even more before Mayhem modifiers arrived. I loved that gun! Not to mention others that i used other than the recursion.

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Wait charge time decreased in the OP? Why would we want it increased?


I put that poorly. I want it to charge faster. I edited it to charge speed so it makes sense now.

Other guns I can think of which would be effected: Seventh Sense, K/Q’s Call, Robin’s Call, Hyperfocus, Tiggs Boom, Redistributor, Brightside (apparently, not sure), Conference Call, any Jakobs weapon which ricochets and there’s probably plenty more, not to mention grenades and certain shields.

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I concur! With the change in the way bonus elements work as they were intended now and the arrival of Mayhem 2.0 balances.

That those you mentioned and more need a buff and especially The Call weapons which use to have great synergy and DPS with Flak but not so much with arrival of Mayhem 2.0. The Atlas Carrier should be on par with the OPQ IMO but they have chose not to buff it so far with a base damage a third or quarter of an OPQ depending on the roll.

Also saw no mention of GBX correcting the gun scaling damage being higher than intended of the enemies from previous patch but yet went ahead and hit us with a DPS reduction due to the bonus element change. Makes about as much sense as the Chewbacca defense?

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Honestly I’m not finding the proprietary license very impressive after the patch either.

A lot of weapons, not to mention enemy health and skills etc were balanced around this (so they say broken) mechanic and just removing it in one go has drastically reduced the already small pool of good weapons.