With the low player base, legendary drops need to come to PVP

If we had millions of people playing, we can afford to have the base split between PVE and PVP, but not when you have less than 900 people online and matchmaking times are increasing by the day.

If people are going to be farming PVE for gear, that just makes things bad on the PVP matchmaking end.

We need a solution for legendary drops to be acquired somehow through PVP as well, whether it be random drops or whatever I really don’t know.

Many of those people would still be playing PvE. better to work on finding new players than implementing kludge fixes.


I don’t know why, PVE is boring as hell. The games take way too long. Wave after wave of bullet sponges. Zzzzzzz. Boss knocks you up into the air 100 times… zzzzzzzzzzz.

I love PvP.

As for legendary drops in PvP… that’s an interesting idea but people already get upset over gear in PvP to begin with. Just had a huge conversation about it yesterday lol. (As in they don’t like Legendaries or gear in general being used in PvP)

Gearbox has gear in PvE to entice and motivate you to play their game. They make money from the PvE side which is why new PvP content is free or cosmetic buys and new PvE content is paid DLC.