With the new Guardian Rank Perk: Do you think we will see Slam builds make a comeback?

TPS was so long ago so I could be wrong but I believe I had an Athena Slam Build I used for a bit. I remember slamming and getting more dmg/dmg boost or doing some form of status stacks. I quite enjoyed slamming a lot in TPS and would look out for Oz Kits with special effects over stats usually.

In this game the Oz Kits aren’t nearly as much variety or use in this game since there really aren’t too many places with low gravity BUT this perk fixes that in a small sense that we can slam just from regular jumping. I was jumping here and there and slamming. Felt pretty decent. I had a relic that gave me Magma Puddles on slam. Went to round up some enemies and brought them all into the fire on my Amara. Was pretty neat. I expect with this perk Gearbox is going to give us new slam gear in the future. And I think they nerfed this but remember when the Lightning Relic was all the rage to kill bosses with. That was pretty neat for a week.

-Do you guys want slams to be a thing we can make a build around?
-What kind of Oz Kit do you want to see in this game? (Maybe a cool reference to TPS would be cool)
-Should we get anti-gravity gear(Legendary?)?
-Should a player be able to jump off my head, or vice versa, to gain extra height for a super powerful MEGA slam like Mario/Luigi?

I’d say, with all the nice slam-centered artifacts, there will be quite a number of players (including myself) who will whip out a slamming-build. Slam-Bam-Amara, anyone?
But jokes aside, I think the playerbase will find a way to make slam-Builds great and viable again.

slam as offense?

not until some major changes happen

and at the risk of sounding like a broken record here…
slide tackle exists in this game - like you can slide into people and it does damage. But for some reason it has 0 scaling so its useful level 1 to 5 and thats it.

Probably not, Slam was useful in TPS because there were lots of swarmy melee enemies, but in the game enemies spread out way to much for most AOE attacks to be worth it, so unless it can start hitting an area about 2-3 times as big as Amara’s also unviable slam it’s a waist of time,

If I ever get to the perk, I think I have a slam artifact that launches a volley of homing missiles which I might actually try out. But I was still creeping down the middle tree trying to get what was supposed to be the last couple of perks when I left off.

Maybe not as much for damage but there might be some good utility perks. I think there are some slam artifacts that actually shoot projectiles that count as melee damage which could have good synergie with knifedrain and cutpurse effects.

Slam build, no. Will we see people start using their slam for utility when than have an artifact that create a singularity of a damage reduction shield? Probably.