With the new level cap I’m torn

I basically run the bahroo build but with points into asbestos and incite. never had a problem with any content or running the peak with three other players up at the spawn point.

i run interfacer+lfist and dpuh+grog pairings. dpuh+grog just top off health or get at enemies an interfacer is poor for or face tank everything.

so with level 80:
i dumped 1 point into lay waste, because leg gunzerker, the rest into brawn tree, increased damage on lower health and one tick in rex for that extra defiance health regen when hit. it’s a lot of fun.

i like the idea of incite because a breakneck banshee sal is hilarious. i wonder if trex (regen) or damage reduction better? think voracidious, now that a new set of interfaces are needed.

i’ve managed solo op5 farms of vora with cheese pimpernel/creamer+com in hand, the weapon pair, along with the rough rider, an electric chair or storm front, and dpuh are the only new op8 gear i have that i think are useful in this farm. so i am wondering how to play out those extra 8 points to deal with him.

after solo farming for a bit, speed and survival are looking more appealing, but I’d like to hear any thoughts…

Sex T-Rex is Sal’s best healing skill from level 80 and beyond in game. Better than Asbestos if I had to pick between the two. When I get corroded, it’s Sex T-Rex that’s keeping me alive by resetting the 5 second counter for every tick of DOTs. It may be only 5-9% HP/sec. depending on total skill investment but that’s PLENTY. Take Hard To Kill, Ain’t Got Time To Bleed, Incite, Bus That Can’t Slow Down, and Come At Me Bro and you won’t need Moxxi weapons to stay upright in ANY fight. Just pour on DPS with a Slagga/DPUH Combo or maybe mess around with new combos. Survivability and crazy movement speed (especially with a Leg. Berserker COM) is REALLY fun. You lose some 1 shot ability or ammo regen skills but become an invincible rhino in return. They’ll all die eventually. Way before you at least. Just give them the finger and speed away if they get close to killing you. Then pull out a bigger set of guns. That’s my two cents