With the right build, how does Zane fair on the higher difficulties?

Everyone’s heard about how he’s considered the weakest Vault Hunter now, but how does he fair at higher difficulties like TVHM Mayhem 3?

He’s considered weak because he requires a specific sequence of events in order to dominate mobs and bosses.

But other than that, his design is fine–there’s just a huge discrepancy on whether or not his skills are properly working/procing.

I’m liking him quite a bit now that I’m lvl 50 and have decent weapons. I went down the blue tree till the final talent and then the rest in the green tree. When I pop a cd (which are up almost all the time) your fire rate and reload speed are pretty insane. I have an orange assault rifle that does 493x3 per shot which melts enemies along with a shotgun that does like 600x19. Crits for around 14k per shot and you can pump out the bullets. Along that I have a purple maliwan pistol that I use for elemental damage.

At first I thought he was pretty sucky but now with decent gear I’m really impressed by him.