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It’s called the fibber. You can never trust what it says. Every stat is randomized and you can’t tell what the real stats are unless you’re on PC

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The stats aren’t randomized, but they are false, 2 Fibbers with the same parts will have the same numbers on the card.

Also, it doesn’t really have +50% love BTW :wink: (I know: we dated for a while)

The accessories do work but you can’t trust the card.

The dynamic prefix is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, but the only way you could tell for sure (apart from certain PC methods which don’t apply on consoles) would be to compare with a Fibber that was otherwise identical but lacked any accessory at all. As @alex_pecore said, it’s called the FIbber for a reason! You can’t really trust the card stats for the details.

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Yes it does. You do get the bonus.

Don’t look at the card, it lies.

Although you could make a case for the card’s values to be fixed and modified by accessories accordingly since the difference in fire rate is the same as the equivalent blue gun (from 30.0 to 30.9 and from 5 to 5.9)

In any case, if you want to test it out, you might want to try with damage instead of Fire rate, since FR is notoriously hard to test even with known values…
Let alone obscure ones.

Just test that win-win vs that Dynamic in the Damage department instead.