WITHOUT Exaggeration, CAN'T Matchmake With Other Players

Can’t find help through google with this issue because of everyone’s (valid) nonstop chatter about sparse matches and long wait times; this isn’t my problem.

Very sudden issue - since launch, for months, no trouble with matchmaking, full games with anywhere from 1-10 minute waits. No problem. Suddenly, from one day of full matches to the next, servers were 100% empty. Not only-maybe-one-other-player empty - EMPTY. All PVE story modes and PVP modes included.

I’ve tried switching servers several times - nothing in the US, East Asia, or UK regions.

I’ve deleted and re-installed the game.

I’ve waited through the most recent patch.

I’ve made several of these various fixes quite a few times over the last couple weeks.

I can’t find anybody else with this problem except an old thread from the beta testing days with a workaround that doesn’t exist anymore (or at least, not for PC). I’d welcome ANY help for this issue. I’ve sunk over 260 hours into this game; I’d like to continue enjoying it please and thank you.

Have you made a support ticket to see what they, come up with and say?