Without new content, what's the point?

It took 15-20 minutes to get the 3 levels. Yippee…what is the point to grind new gear at 53? We were already smashing TVHM M4, that has become easier with 3 more skill points. Without new content, what’s the point? I have defended BL throughout, but it’s hard at this point 5 months in to continue to defend the lack of new content and raid bosses to really push you to keep playing and to run co-op with your friends?


Took me about 6 or 7.

On the face of the evidence you have provided, probably to get some better stuffs.

All jokes aside (PC, M.2 SSD so reloading is stupid fast for me so it’s just hardware, not gear), people are still playing BL2 and it’s been how many years since new content? 3 new levels was a bit of a daft move for sure but a lack of new content isn’t the reason.

Yep. Leaving raid bosses out of DLC was a downgrade for sure. At the very least they could have put in a Hyperion themed Circle of Slaughter with a decent boss at the end like Slaughter Star 3000.

Bigger zones, A billion guns, better sound, more intense visuals… Yet somehow still less than previous instalments in the franchise at every turn.

Sometimes you just have to wonder what’s going on inside GBX…


What other games release a “raid,” two holiday events, and the first full DLC in just under five months?


Agreed. I think people are too used to the full game of bl2… Not realizing it took awhile to get that much content out there. It’s all fine and dandy now that we can go back and play all of bl2 at once… But it wasn’t always like that. Feel this game will fill out with more time, just like bl2.


I believe it will too. Seems many like to compare this to BL2 but there was way more content at BL3’s launch than there was at BL2’s.


I’m getting mixed signals in this forum. There are those people who insist that something had to happen in BL3 because it has been like that in prior versions of BL

But there’s also that group that says because something has been done in previous BLs, it shouldn’t be done in BL3.

Would it be safe to say let’s stop comparing to previous BLs why we are doing what we are doing now and why we are having what we have now? Or is this a futile attempt to reach a middleground?


Can we blame people for comparing? I think that’s just human nature.

No clue why the mixed views. I for one am enjoying BL3 for what it is and don’t spend any time comparing it to the others, but it seems many do.


True. I don’t find anything wrong if some are comparing and if some don’t.

::shrug:: After mucking about with the new skins for a bit on different characters and running one of my 50s across Athenas to test the waters of the holiday event, I decided to start my level 50 Zane on his TVHM run. I don’t remember if I even hit level 51 with him in the 45-ish minutes before I had to call it a day.

Within an hour and a half, I finished 53 and got my 100 hearts on Amara.

My only beef is the lack of new content and challenging content. Beating all the same things we did over the past 5 months to get gear that’s meta at 53 instead of 50 doesn’t make a lot of sense if you still are smashing TVHM M4 content that is lvl 53 with your 50 gear. Hopefully mayhem 2.0 and whatever the next DLC is going to be will keep us going for a bit longer.

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I thought you were right, so quick wikiviewed it.

BL2 Release Sept 2012

(Season 1)

  • Mechromancer Pack Oct 2012
  • Captain Scarlett October 2012
  • Torgues Campaign of Carnage November 2012
    -Hammerlocks Hunt Jan 2013
    -Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack Apr 2013
    -Psycho Vault Hunter Pack May 2013
  • Tiny Tinas assault on dragon keep June 2013
  • Ultimate Vault Hunters Pack 2 (Digistruct) Sept 2013

(Season 2)
-TK’s Bloody Harvest Oct 2013
-Torgue & the wattle gobbler Nov 2013
-Mercenary Day Dec 2013
-Moxxie and Wedding Massacre Feb 2014
-Hammerlock and Son of Crawmerax Apr 2014
-Commander Lilith - June 2019

By this point (timewise) BL2 had 4 pieces of additonal content.

In BL3 we’ve had 3 updates

  • Moxxies Handsome Jackpot
    -Maliwan Takedown
    -Level Cap increase

Only one required season pass

*Ive not covered any BL2/BL3 in game events.


This one for example.

Do you really think one DLC, a Takedown, one Halloween event and the current insignificant thing they call event is a release schedule they can be proud of?


Why? In my opinion’s BL3’s live service model has been far better than BL2’s. Events in BL2 were frequently just SHiFT codes for gear and whatnot. The Loot Hunt in 2013 is the only notable one I remember.

Man, going through BL2’s patch history is good fun though, I recommend it. People definitely have rose-tinted goggles about performance and stability between BL2 and BL3 on release :smile:


I mean BL2’s DLC was also not made by GB. Everything for BL3 is being done in house by GB. I seriously wonder how many people dont know that.

Honestly, I would have been happy with just the DLC, QoL improvements, and performance fixes. I bought a game and some DLC, not a live service, so all I should really expect is the game and its DLC with enough support to make sure it’s in good working order. Anything else is an extra, not the fulfillment of any reasonable expectations.


Because ultimately their events provide little to no actual content.

Let’s go back and have a look at the events:

  • The first 4-week event. No extra content. Just a reason to not drop the game instantly after beating it and farming stuff.
  • What’s left of Bloody Harvest? We can’t access Heck and can’t farm Haunt anymore. All we got were some no-longer-farmable weapons and anointments. One could say less content than the Headhunter packs in BL2.
  • Takedown Scaling. Why is this even called an event?
  • Better loot drops and chest farming. Again, no real content. Just a reason to not go away.
  • Broken Hearts Day. Two fixed-parts weapons and 3 extra levels. No need to refarm your stuff since lvl50 gear is still viable, as many supporters of the lvl-cap increase were so eager to point out. So again next to no content.

These events are the perfect example why Gearbox’s games-as-a-service approach to BL3 is an awful idea without providing the necessary content that ultimately keeps players interested. And so far we only got DLC#1 and the Takedown that classifies as content.


I guess you missed the whole “at launch” portion of my post. I said BL3 had more content than BL2 did at launch, which even Gearbox itself has stated.


Why can’t they be proud? It’s not like the content isn’t worth playing.


Ouch. Blew my argument out of the water… Damn.

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