Woke up this morning to a nice message

So, I had a few drinks last night. Decided to play two games of Incursion with Alani before bedtime. The second game didn’t go well for me. I scored around an 8; the average of my team was around 10-12. We played a team that was very well coordinated. One of my worst games ever, but I had fun and went to sleep.

Woke up this morning to a message from a teammate of mine last night in that loss. STROKER, YOU SUCK, DON’T EVER PLAY WITH ALANI. This guy scored an 8 as well, lol. I didn’t respond, but I thought about his message. What type of human being wastes their time to put down a fellow gamer for having a bad game IN A VIDEO GAME! Talk about insignificant. I’m 30 years old. Play for FUN. I’m by no means very good, but I support Batteborn and other games. The overall immaturity and attitude of some people in the community is really sad. I’ve played with a lot of crappy players, but it’s part of the gaming experience. I feel bad for this person, and hopefully they lose interest in this game soon, so they won’t be part of the issues we’re having in this community.


Misguided’s first law of multiplayer gaming: a gamer that insults a teammate is invariably a worse player than the person they are insulting.

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Actually, he put a curse on you. From now on if you play as Alani you will have seven days before you can go surfing in Hawaii with your large family before the next full moon.

You have been warned.


People sent messages like these when I played Smite. I wasn’t bad but had some bad game like anyone and received this kind of insightful and helpful comments. Probaly 12 years old with time to kill.

You have to understand that there are kids as young as let’s say, 5, playing games such as BB these days. I know, because my g/f’s 9 year old kid plays, and he’s definitely above average so many assume he’s a teenager at the very least. That’s until he speaks into a mic, which he’s quite fond of lol.

Then there are guys that’s never seen sunlight, or another human being besides himself and his immediate family. I thought they were a myth portrayed with exaggeration in nerd related shows, but they exist. Their mind is, I’d say less mature than a 9 year old, so you can’t take them seriously.

Conclusion: Don’t take it personally, because there’s a pretty good chance that they are one of two above. If by chance they aren’t, that’s just sad because that’s how they were raised, and it’s safe to conclude that their life is a tragedy.

I didn’t take it personal, I just thought it was rather interesting that someone took the time to write such a message. This is my first time being involved with a forum and by far the most time I’ve spent playing a game. I normally fizzle out after a month, but I hope that’s not the case with Battleborn. Anyway, I appreciate the “good” people out there that are playing to have fun and maybe meet some new interesting people.

I’m used to getting those types of messages on PvZ 2. If I did too well or too poorly, I will get those messages time to time. I’m kind of forced to play that game so I can bond with g/f’s 9 year kid. Thing is, PvZ 2 is overwhelmingly kids’ playground while Battleborn isn’t, so seeing messages like that stands out. Anyway, the message you received definitely looks like something a child would write. I’d bet money on it :slight_smile:

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I had a teammate one night message me pretty rudely because i was having connection issues and kept coming back. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he was telling me i should “just give up because its obviously not happening”. I don’t give up on my team, doesnt matter if they are a bunch of strangers in a pug. I have been somewhat concerned because I saw someone on the forum say that it cost the team a life if you get disconnected and come back, however after extensive experience with being disconnected I am about 95 percent sure that it does not cost a life, but it does count as a respawn.

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Yeah, there are some very nice people here. An some not so nice ones too. Tune out the latter as best you can.


That never bothers me. The disconnects normally come back. I started running a wired connection for this exact reason. I was getting disconnected all the time before that through wifi.

And then there’s the inbetween people. They are really nice to me since I have a mic and am somewhat decent, and then they’ll bash the newer or less advanced players for their performance. That’s pretty offputting as well.

Fair enough. But the kind of stuff you are describing is pretty much everywhere, not just here. The relative anonymity of the Internet empowers people to act how they want without fear of reprisal. Best thing you can do is try to find people you enjoy playing with (perhaps on one of the discords) and continue to play with those people.

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i play meltdown very competitively. i try pretty freaking hard. to kick back and unwind, i play incursion on a character that i simply am not good with at all and just try to have some fun. i play orendi very average at best. but she is polar opposite to my main that i try so hard on in meltdown.

on like my second game with her in incursion we were getting destroyed. the thorn on my team sent me a message towards the end of the game that i was garbage lol. obviously that game i was garbage, and at least half the games i play in incursion on orendi. i sent him a message back explaining my lack of experience with the game mode and character and shared my statistics on my main in meltdown. little did he know that he would encounter me several more times in the near future, two of which being in meltdown. he went negative both games, obviously i did not die in either and got many kills and never lost.

then the next day i was with two friends in incursion and low and behold the same kid rolls up in a 5 man. rather than play my main to prove a point, i decided to go ahead and stick to my plan to just have fun in incursion. his entire 5 man went negative and lost. and we are talking about rath, miko, alani, ghault and i think galilea negative…

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That’s called Karma…sweet sweet Karma

My favorite happened playing Zombies right after the last map pack came out. Two of us had mics, employed teamwork, and did stuff around the map. It didn’t go to a super high round, and we kind of rescued the other two a bunch of times. As the scores are coming up a third person puts on his mic and tells us we suck. So I kindly pointed out that we had more res’s, opened doors, and did more around the map.

whenever i have a really ■■■■■■ game in battleborn i decide to give the enemy team a pat on the back instead of getting angry at my teammates i just send them nice messages so they know they’re a true badass :slight_smile:

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I love hate mail. However, I haven’t recived any for a while for preforming poorly. On the other hand, I have sent some to teammates, but for reason like a Miko not healing or someone who sits in spawn calling surrender every chance they get.

I’m surprised I haven’t received any hate mail because I have my days where I just suck lol

However, one reason I would message someone is whenever there’s a player totally missing the entire objective.

One time a teamate afk while playing the public story mode on the Algorithm. Because of him another teamate quit. It pissed me off. But instead of scolding him, I messaged him ‘We need you man. Don’t afk.’ And he actually came back! Buttt we didnt complete the game because somehow we all died fighting Geoff and was locked out afterwards. Anyway main point is, never scold because everyone is here to have fun!

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