Wolf and Saint, who's doing the talking?

So as many people know everybody’s favorite surveyors like to talk while flying around, but the question is who is doing the talking? Are both of them talking or does only one of them ever say anything?

Well it depends on what they’re saying. I’ve heard “Shield Incoming” from Saint and I’ve definitely heard combat quotes from Wolf as well.

They both talk. Wolf has this kinda of a cool dudes voice. I dunno how to explain Saints.

One of my favorite quotes is from Saint: “Kissing it Better!”

Do they have different voices?

They sound like robotic ninja turtles.

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Yeah they do. Took me a while to notice it though. The difference is slight.

Ah thats wierd

hey lex found a vid of them

Great find! Didn’t realise they said so much. Pretty cool

Best. Pet Class. EVAR.