Wolf Bug in Invincible Sentinel Fight

In the Invincible sentinel fight Wolf will some times bug out, He’ll fly out side of the area and never return or just sit there after being summoned not attacking or even moving. Even painting a target doesn’t help.

Once the bug(s) occurs it continues through multiple summons until I die.

Is there a fix or a work around?

Has anyone else run into this?

It’s happened to me, but I don’t know any way to fix it. I just finished the fight and used the AS for health regen and extra damage from Laser Guided.

See if it still happens when you unspec all points. Then we’ll know if it’s due to a certain skill. Such as when Maya used thoughtlock in BL2 on Jack’s surveyor and it actually made Jack and his Surveyor invincible.

Not my favourite Wilhelm bug, my favourite is when a Badass Trojan aggros onto wolf and leaps into space.

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