Wondering if GBox has a higher resolution photo stashed somewhere


So just moved into a new place and I made one of my guest rooms my game room. Got a number of gaps to fill on the wall and Borderlands will certainly claim a spot. Been really getting into the 3 and 5 piece canvas thing, but if I want to make these big enough to make it worth printing, I’m going to need more resolution than the one I can find.


This is the one I’m going to go with for this print. And would be eternally greatful if someone with access to or knows someone with access to the highest resolution original could get me a copy. Now, there’s nothing to be gained from this for anyone but me (unless a blue wants to get at me and discuss payment, if so let’s talk) I get that. But if it’s easily (enough) accessible, and doesn’t violate any company policy, 5-10 minutes of your day would mean a lot to me. I’ve done this twice before with bloodborne and bioshock images and everytime I walk in that room it still gets me. Borderlands is just as dear to me, help me get it right.

If not, ■■■■ it I tried. Thanks for one of the best fictional universes of all time.

Bumping. Because I’ve been thinking of some BL themed posters myself too, would love to see some higher-res photos for printing.

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