Wonderlands Future Expectations

Does anyone else want more from the game? More side quests, more achievements, more to do. The game is so short and the DLCs are just chaos chambers with different maps. Even just an extra area with some cool stuff wood be nice, more loot, more bosses.


I mean, there’s several reasons why I haven’t purchased the game, and one of them is definitely that BL3 under-delivered when it came to Raid Bosses, Slaughters, etc, and TTW under-delivered on THAT.


This here is exactly what I’m hoping they’ll do. I know it’s not likely. TTW Just imagine

I’d rather have more content for BL3.


The secret to a GBX game is to literally never have any expectations.


Remember when people were calling this the best game in the series within the first week! lmfao what a joke


After BL3 I reluctantly came to the same conclusion, good luck to those that press on.

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Well, no.

I will let you know in another year or so when the total package price for all TTW content combined drops to the $20 range and I pick it up in a Steam sale and give it a go.

In the meantime, my general rule of thumb regarding computer games is usually “more (good) content is always better”.

I do think that the next 2 DLCs better be good or the game is gonna be the (2nd if you count Tales) worst Borderlands game of all time.


Yes oh yes. Once the gold coat of paint wore off they found a polished turd.lol


Or thinking that @GBX learned from the mistakes of BL3.

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