Wonderlands looks like a BL3 add on

Copy paste job if I’ve ever seen one :joy:

I’ll pick it up when it’s on sale


I mean, I really had no expectations of Wonderlands other than for it to be basically another TPS.

TPS = BL2 add-on
Wonderlands = BL3 add-on

I have not yet decided if it is something I want to purchase. I feel certain that I will at some point, possibly just not on release.


I am with you. I’m going to wait a few months and get it from the bargain bin.


This is correct. It definitely re-uses a lot of assets (models/animations/weapons), just like how TPS reused tons of BL2 assets.


Just to be clear, I really like TPS. In a lot of ways, I liked it more than BL2. But I am very unclear on whether more BL3 is something I want at this point. “Better” BL3? Yes, I very much want that. “More” BL3? I am not so sure I want or need that.




First, I’d say that the scope of the project has a lot to do with whether or not something is “a different game”. Taken from a viewpoint far enough away, there is only one original game in the franchise, and that’s the original Borderlands. Everything else is “DLC”. (This would apply to ALL game franchises.)

I’d say though, that along with scope (in game terms, how much game-play there is), I’d add unique changes make it a different game. There are plenty of differences between BL3 and Wonderlands. Swords, axes, hammers. Bows. Spells. Customizable characters (not pre-made “Vault Hunters”). These things make the game at least as much of a different game as BL2 was a different game than BL1, or BL3 is a different game than the previous versions.

Maybe those differences aren’t enough for you to call it “a different game”; okay, fine. Me, I don’t care whether or not they call it a DLC, or a different game, or whatever, I just care whether or not it has enough game-play to justify it’s cost. And, so far, Gearbox hasn’t disappointed me, they’ve supplied far more hours of enjoyment than I consider to be a minimum for a game. So, I’m happy to buy it when it releases.


Idk seems like (Some people) are happy with whatever they put out no matter how lacking in content it truly is. DLC 4 was the shortest in the series then we get 2 more add ons that equate to 4 new bosses & 1 raid boss that isn’t worth it lmao.

I can already see wonderlands endgame revolve around getting enough of some currency to fight a high end boss or something dumb to restrict players from progressing too quickly.

people put way too much faith to game devs and I just don’t fall for it anymore.


Personally, I think it’s too early to call it a copy-paste job based on a couple of very short video clips. I’ll reserve judgement until I see more actual gameplay.

I don’t completely buy this, either. Yes, they took BL2, swapped skins, and changed the names of BAR challenges while essentially leaving the bulk of the mechanics intact.

But we got six new characters, all new maps and new enemy types, cryo with it’s additional characteristics compared to slag, Oz kits/slam/low gravity and atmosphere versus vacuum environments, all of which affected game play. Add in all the laser weapon variants, luneshine, glitch weapons, new unique items, and much greater use of vertical space in maps, and it was way more than a simple copy-paste. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of a couple more campaign-style DLCs, since story-based progression is what appeals to me most about the whole series.

Oh, I forgot: more flexible skill trees, too.


from what i’ve seen it’s not realy a copy paste.

there’s spells and swords (that alone can set i appart)

BL2-TTaoDK didn’t change the gameplay it was just an awsome DLC.

TTWL adds more stuff (spells, swords and maybe even armor wich isn’t realy clear if they’re cosmetic)

though because of BL3 i’m not going to pre order it (the pre-order bonus sounds nice but most of the time those items are useless after a few hours)

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Not really.

BL1’s DLCs (besides Knoxx), Holodome and arguarbly Commander’s Lilith/Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage are shorter/have less content than Krieg’s Fustercluck. That being said, yes, Krieg’s DLC was pretty rushed, nobody will deny that.

I share OP’s sentiment, but I don’t mind. It’s how they were able to make it so quickly, and imo there’ll be enough new stuff to warrant a full price tag. I paid full price for TPS too, and didn’t regret it.

Its pretty obviously based on BL3 codebase and this raises some worries for me, like if all of the eternal bugs from BL3 will transfer to Wonderlands (such as the persistent exclamation marks in UI for example). Im also wondering if they are going for different end-game system or if M2.0 somehow makes its way to Wonderlands as well :rofl:


If at all.


Again, I liked TPS and mostly enjoyed playing it. I never said it was a copy-paste and don’t necessarily think that.

I only played Jack/Timothy and Aurelia because I just couldn’t stomach getting 6 characters to max level in that game, the game progresses and levels slowly IMO. Jack is a fantastic character, one of the very best VHs in the franchise as far as I can tell. He was very fun to play and had a surprisingly deep design.

There were a bunch of things added to TPS. But they were added - the underlying game mechanics and weapons are mostly the same. I didn’t have a problem with that either, but it just feels like an add-on or DLC. If they did they same with Wonderlands, I’d be fine with that too. It remains to be seen whether Wonderlands will be more of a full-priced game than TPS was, at least in my mind.

I think the bottom line is that BL2 surpassed so many expectations that it is a really hard act to follow.


Agreed. I thought BL3 did a fantastic job as a follow up, it just left so many things half-baked. BL2 left very little half-baked.

That was kinda my point. If they take BL3, polish it up to make some of the interactions and skills not broken, add all new Wonderlands content, and do play-testing that actually catches bugs and broken interactions, I would be ecstatic.


Roll on March 25th!

I like to be an optimist most of the time, and from the trailer it looks like this is the borderlands game I’ve always wanted:
DLC 4 in BL2 was my favorite, felt so atmospheric and immersive to me.
Now I get to create and customize a character, use melee weapons (and 3rd person spin 2 win??), fight fantasy creatures instead of bullet sponge purple people.
Wonderlands feels like to me everything fans of the franchise have asked for.
Especially since the canon of the borderlands main story is just so scuffed for me at this point. I think it will be more fun than bl3 just because I won’t have to freakin’ deal with Lillith Tannis and Ellie just bossing me around when I’m literally a one man army.
TLDR it looks like this is a fan service game outside of main canon so I’m looking forward to what they can pull off when they focus on enjoyability and replayability as opposed to scuffed story that was BL3.

Honestly, I am a little worried about that date being so soon also.

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