Wonderlands looks like a BL3 add on

The shock when I first played Mayhem 2.0, oh boy till that moment I thought they would just add some new fun modyfiers to the existing ones to “get rid” of the ones that were completely halting some playstyles like the massive elemental resistance.

But then…

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I’m a little late to this thread but I agree with this 100%.

Guns felt like guns in BL1. Just about everything felt good to use. BL3 came close in a lot of instances. In BL2, so many weapons just didn’t have any feel or ‘heft’ to them. Even powerful shotties like Quads could put out the damage numbers, but they just ‘felt’ wrong.

Anyway, back on topic, I personally didn’t mind that TPS was built on BL2’s framework, gun feel notwithstanding and that’s a purely subjective opinion of mine anyway. No need to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to and it allowed me to jump right into TPS without any kind of mechanical adjustment. If Wonderlands is built on BL3’s framework (which seems 99.99999% likely) I’ll be just fine with it since the overall mechanics (not just gunplay) of BL3 is my favorite of the BL games.


My shock to this day is the fact they brought back weaponscaling :rofl:

Nobody asked for it (on the contrary) but there it was :sweat_smile:

And they are to this day trying to fix the problems that brought with it.

Though they could still salvage M2.0 by just tweaking it (and people who like M2.0 won’t even really notice it changed)

They said they wanted to give people options but they just locked all the choices for no reason


Yeah I still really wish they’d just left mayhem gun scaling (and skill damage scaling, hi Fire in the Skag Den) completely out and just made the enemy HP scaling a little less drastic so that M10/11 was more or less equal to the old M4.

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Mostly agree :wink:

M4 was slowly getting easy so they should have just added some more levels.

Plus, make the mods optional and mix/matchable

Been there they done that. BL2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Crap…
Was fun, but now it’s just meh. Really Meh.
I’ll buy under 10EUR when discounted and have some fun, but already giving it 3 out of 5.

There is no more meat on this bone, nor any of the bones in BL1-3. Time to make new content lazy boiz…

From an on-topic viewpoint, the Krieg dlc felt lacking in parts, like there was supposed to be something else with it. Then the staggered release of the directors cut with a game mode, some vault cards and a few skins doesnt feel like a seasons end of content. Wonderlands does look like it was supposed to be the final add-on for BL3, but taken out and padded.
Heck the trailer shows off many of the same miniguns ive been using on Moze for the last few months - same paintjobs and everything. Now obviously those will be altered for release, but this game now has to have extra content created for it to justify taking a dlc and making a whole new game out of it.