Wonderlands! Spinoff fantasy looter game!

I am very happy about this.

I wrote about the potential of Gearbox doing a fantasy spinoff looter game on here a long time ago. hahah. I’m glad they are finally doing it.


so this is what you have been doing instead of fixing borderlands 3
im ok with that^^


Me too!

I don’t think it’s a simple equation like that. Would you really expect the entire team to sit around twiddling their thumbs and do you expect the entire programming team to work on bug fixes for BL3? Also, apparently they have been working on this on and off for the past decade.

All that said I would like more stuff fixed in BL3. It is in a decent state from my perspective (xbox one x) and much improved from launch. Plus we are getting some kind of big patch in June.

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well i either expected them to work on further DLCs or BL4 already
but apparently BL3 is indeed not a big enough success to keep working on it and they wanna go a bit more creative so they made borderlands x skyrim :smiley:
but yea this early announcement really sounds like they have been working on this one for some time now


I’m glad people are happy about this, but it’s not for me.

i think i splits the crowd and shows where people are coming from?
you might be from the FPS side
im coming here from diablo etc.^^

I’m just not a big high fantasy guy in general, so the theme of this game just doesn’t appeal to me.

So far, Im liking the environment look. And the Dragon Lord guy looks badass. Wonder if there will be any mention of the Handsome Sorcerer.

and if you are iffy on the theme here, go play the Dragons Keep DLC. It is epic and it is fun to play.

I am totally down for this spinoff. Though given the (relatively) recent history of BL3, I will wait until it is out for a bit before trying it (and most likely not at full price either). However, I am excited nonetheless.


After the Vault wipe bug and gazillions of buffs, nerfs, fixes I have decided to buy GBX games only on sale and if I am under the impression that said game is stable and playable for me. Or maybe not in this case. Assault on Dragons Keep was a real masterpiece DLC imho, but also one that has exhausted the Borderlands/D&D crossover thingy. I am afraid they´ve done all the (good) jokes and tropes for this “genre”. Also, the writers who did that are no longer at GBX and I am among the crowd that dislikes the writing of BL3.
Had GBX left the Borderlands comfort zone and tried something really new I might have been more exited.
Put it into Game Pass and I`ll give it a try.


I posted this in OT, but I thought it pretty funny


All I know from this trailer is it’s Tiny Tina in some fantasy setting. The Assault on Dragon Keep was 10/10 for me, so there’s some street credit there, but I can only marginally tell that this is even for a video game.

Will Arnett voicing a major enemy though has my interest (and Wanda Sykes’ voice can be hilarious).

Then maybe you catch up on the news xD

Ok, I’m officially onboard the “nukuler asplosion limited” . While I’m tentative on the execution , I’ll still be at my GameStop opening night to pickup my advance copy. So let’s get to the Clint of it…ya know, Clint Eastwood??? The good bad and ugly!!! The Good, we have a target…early 2022! More good we have not Only Tiny Tina, but it appears to be outr beloved 13 yr old master blaster! Let Deborah she remains as irreverent and unwoke as she was before BL3. also as it’s coming in early '22 I might live to see it. The Bad…it’s early releases I know, and the pictures supplied aren’t necessarily representative of the game, but the artwork is…well beautiful! So how’s this the Bad? To be extremely truthful the thing that originally hooked me was the original BL artwork. I loved the raw art that went so well with the gritty characters and the landscape the lived, loved and died in. But I can adjust…as I said the artwork showed was beautiful!
Finally we come to the UGLY!
I have to wait a year!! :dizzy_face::grin::scream:
One thing,if I can ask, do we have to sign up special for Tina updates, will there be a new place just for the Wonderlands, and when can I pre-order ?

I’m very eager for more information about this title. Essentially taking one of the best DLC’s and making an entire game of it, adding to that a rather enticing cast of VA’s. And it sounds like there may be some pretty interesting, fresh mechanics. They’ve definitely got my attention with this one.

Agreed, though recognized voices means to me they have to pay them more so less goes into development. Seriously they did a pretty good job with most voices in the entire series on the cheap. Who cares who voiced the characters, as long as there are no more Aussies. No offense meant but the pre sequel hurts my ears after a while. Just not used to it I guess.

You should try living here mate, it’s awful.

Does anyone else want to know more about the game structure and mechanics before coming to any conclusion about the game?

We don’t even know the basics. Will this be first or third person? Will it have BL-style procedurally generated weapons & gear? Will it be campaign focussed. Will it have NG+? Will it have a substantial endgame? Will there be BL-style levelling? If not, what kind of progression? It’s co-op but will there be distinct PC types or can you “build your own”. Will it be a fantasy shooter or have more typical RPG-style combat. Will it be heavily story oriented or action focussed?

I would have no problem with this game leaving the classic BL structure behind. I’ll judge it on its merits.

However, when the first trailer tells you more about the VAs than showing any kind of gameplay, even scripted, then I fear we’re getting a game in the modern “action-adventure” genre, which is more about cinematics than gameplay. In which case, it won’t be for me :frowning:

I hope I’m wrong.


New updates on the game via a recent IGN article involving an interview with the games creative director Matt Cox

  • Wonderlands is set shortly after Assault on Dragon Keep.

  • Unlike the mainline Borderlands games, players will create and customise their own heroes, who will take on multiple classes. It’s not clear if they’ll be voiced or silent characters.

  • Spells replace grenades. Armour and melee weapons are also Introduced.

  • The game is a warped take on high fantasy, there will be some very weird things like an enemy that is a “highly muscled great white shark with legs”