Wonderlands! Spinoff fantasy looter game!

Thanks for the clarifications. I did not realize the link you referred to was clickable.
I’m guessing that we’ll be able to play couch co-op .
The game store probably wasn’t aware that the Xbox X chaotic version was backward compatible to an Xbox ONE .
As an aside, is there an actual wonderland site, if so how do I get there.
I remain on the fence on pre order. Though there less reservations. Like I said thanks.

The one I linked - playwonderlands.2k.com - seems to be where everything is going right now. For some reason, the forum platform likes to swap links for the page title text at that link, but you can always hover over or right-click on it if you need to check. BTW the forum colour scheme renders all links in bold orange text without underlining.

I saw a GIF of a “meteor attack” from the game’s Twitter and it immediately made me think of Battleborn and Ambra. So if you played Battleborn, that might be a clue as to how this game is going to feel.


Yes it seems all abilities so far are reused from Battleborn. I also spotted Boldur’s Axe throw (and recall), Thorn’s Volley and Rath’s Dreadwind! I also think the 2 handed blade lunge could be a reskinned version of Pendles Injection+Cobra strike.

This makes it really difficult for me because on the one hand, story and thematically, Wonderlands interests me not one bit but could you imagine getting a second chance at Battleborn so to speak? Without the always online hassle and a long campaign…

Like I said this game is pretty much a no go as a Borderlands game for me thanks to BL3 writing and Gearbox behavior but on the other hand there is this Battlebornsy gameplay and the character gameplay is the only thing I really enjoyed in Borderlands 3.

Deciding if I should buy this one is gonna be really hard because the fact that this might be the least Borderlands like Borderlands is now weirdly the reason why I’m even atleast interested :crazy_face:


That does make for an intriguing mash-up. I was just thinking when I saw @Genericktag 's post that I really miss BB.

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Yeah, I’m still out on it since I just can’t get into high fantasy stuff, but at least some parts look cool and it’s nice that Battleborn will have a legacy beyond Mellka’s slide being used in BL3.

Randy Pitchford’s recent tweets about how Typhon Deleon was pretty much designed in the hopes of getting a celebrity voice actor have added another layer onto my skepticism of the current narrative direction of Borderlands. That character destroyed the established lore and they couldn’t even get Danny Devito to play him in the end.

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Fantasy is actually my favourite genre but strangely I already felt the same way about TTAoDK, it is a really strong and great DLC but Borderlands mixed with fantasy just didn‘t worked for me.

And I feel the same way about this one. You know my feelings about the direction they took are very similiar to yours but forgetting for just a second that this is a Borderlands game, I can‘t help but to wonder if it might give us back a tiny piece of that Battleborn feeling. Atleast from a gameplay perspective.

But ofcourse I still haven‘t forgotten all the things GBX has done/is still doing. Will I get this game… probably? The question is when and for how much and will the gameplay, if truly Battleborn like be enough for me to look past the probably horrible writing?

That said, even if for some unlikely reason this game doesn‘t suck, the probability of me even considering getting BL4 afterwards would still be somewhere between 0-1%, for reasons we both know.

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I am really disappointed to know that for this new shoot & loot game there is no voice pack in Italian. One of the most beautiful aspects of the Borderlands series are the dialogues, always ironic and surreal. Not being able to enjoy this aspect in your own language is like seeing a color movie in black and white. I sincerely hope that the Gearbox can dub the dialogues also in Italian, as it has always done for the entire Borderlands series.

Doubt it. Looks a LOT more like Borderlands than Battleborn. edit: ok. so, some of the spell kind of stuff I guess is like Battleborn. I suspect the other aspects will be like Borderlands (the way leveling works, no server dependence, pVe primarily, and so on).

I do miss Battleborn, despite it’s massive shortcomings. Battleborn needed a lot of things to keep me more engaged. Mostly, it needed a drop in/drop out, especially for pVe missions. They didn’t have the player base to demand otherwise. And some of the pve missions needed different failure conditions. Defending easily destroyed things isn’t fun. And it needed a checkpoint/wipe mechanic so that even when a mission is hard and everyone died you could resume from a checkpoint. As for the pvp, it was o.k. I don’t really play pvp games anymore besides Rocket League.

So. Point is. If they did another Battleborn, it would need all the above, plus NO server dependence.

So, with that in mind, if TTW has some of the Battleborn spells/abilities that would be awesome. I was already sold on getting TTW but now I’m extra sold. haha.

I wouldn’t be surprised if melee weapons feel like Rath/Phoebe/Galilea too.

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Is Wonderlands online only?

I don’t see why it would be? Haven’t seen anything specific about that, though.

If it’s based on the Borderlands 3 engine (which I assume it is), then I would presume that it’s offline or online.

Unless, apparently, you get the game through Epic, which doesn’t let you access any DLCs if you’re in off-line mode?

Even that is different than the situation that Battleborn ended up with. Battleborn literally stores your save on the servers, like Destiny, for example. So when Battleborn servers shut off, the game died for real. We can’t even load up base game or solo stuff Battleborn anymore. I honestly would pay $10 right now for them to patch the servers out of the game.

Epic’s dlc management sounds like ■■■■. But that’s more likely to last than Battleborn’s servers did.