Wonders of Solus - Battleborn Fanart by Ganjamira

Heyho dear future battleborns! ^.^
So far I only made some crafts and jewelry, but yesterday night I finally had some freetime to take up the pens again and to draw my first Battleborn fanart! :mushroom:

Tools: Pencil, black BIC-ballpointpen
Its still a work in progress, So far I came to draw all outlines and maybe I can start the coloration work tonight.

I though veeeeery long about what to draw…So many possibilities, its nearly broke my head. So I decided to draw the both things I loved most (visually) so far: The cute little mini-Varkid from the first trailer and Mikos spawned mushroom :slight_smile:
Miko is not my first choice regarding skillset, but I LOVE her design and I love mushrooms and fantasy forests^^

The beetle is special for me in a strange way. I saw the trailer early early in that morning, just wanted to hear a track on Youtube and already got mad because of a advertise - but then I saw that beetle and screamed out so loud that my family got into red alert state.
I immedietaly thought “Bless GBX” when I saw the cutie, screamed out in excitement, and when the trailer was over we had no other thing to talk about the whole day :heart_eyes:

Hope I can upload the finished colored version soon :heart:

Any requests, ideas or inspiration what I could draw next? My head is so full of ideas, but I cannot choose between them >.<


That looks very good :smiley: If you color it the right way, Print it and give it a sweet spot.

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Good work!

I wish I could draw like this -_-’
Always having problems -> getting bored with filligrane organic details, like hair or cloth. But I don’t know what to look out for…

Off to YT for tutorials! I’ll get there one day!

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Ohhh… that’s awesome! Nice work @Ganjamira!

Your stuff is great, @TheFunfighter!

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Thx! Although I’m not here to fish for compliments, but to express how it inspired me to get better.

Near photo-realism is my goal. Until I reach it, I will be unsatisfied. Although I’m surprised how easy it is to adopt new techniques. My biggest hurdle right now is dealing with GIMP. You can’t imagine what it takes to create a circle there…

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No, I know! :smile:

Now you hurt my poor, sensitive artistic soul! How do you expect me to continue creating like this? An existential crisis is nothing to joke about. Barbarian!

Thanks alot @JoeKGBX :heart: Hope it will be even better when colored^^

@TheFunfighter has great potential and talent with fast rising skill - Yay for compliments you had not o fish for :slight_smile:

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Naaaaawwwwwww don´t feel bad, I´m sure Joe ment it in a nicest way^^

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Awwwww thank you so much @TheFunfighter !!! /;o;/

You will draw your way, and you will be badass! Looking at the pictures you posted so far you skills rise incredibly fast, which shows a big talent for drawing - before you notice you´ll be as awesome as you want to be! :heart:

I´m the opposite - I LOVE small details, best organics! Its pure meditation for me, like drawing a mandala^^ But there were pictures that were hard to finish me after a while too… So many details you just want it to stop xD
Here three “get-to-much-details”-pictures I currently need to color

I always end up doing such insane detailed pictures…AND I LOVE IT!!!


Holy hell…
I don’t mind details, if they have clear structures.
Stuff like small single additions are just a matter of remembering to add them.

Probably because I’m lazy, and mastering this is an experience thing instead of learning it once…

Please color the original picture btw!

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hell is good!

Yeah, same here - I hate fur-textures and grass alot, it took me yeas to, kinda, master it…

Nyah, sometimes its a matter of style, not laziness^^ and I guess experience and learning are the same, even peopl we consider masters of a trade are still learning, through experience.

I will do! The Miko/Beetle-pictiure will fill my weekend :slight_smile: The other three belong to a pile of 50+ pics that still wait for colors. They can wait longer.

Thisl looks awesome
But yet I’m angry… (I will pobably never be able to do somethingl like that :/)

Keep it up!

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Nawwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you so much!!! /;O;/

I understand that… I´ve the very same feeling towards musicians and programmers/digital artists - tunes and tech temps to get broken in my close area -.-
And I bet you´re a better gamer than me :wink:

Nope… I’m very bad at games… the only thing I am at least a bit good is running away (parkour stile)

But don’t get the idea I’m buff or anything, I’m a little wiener

I can’t wait to see you finish this with full colour. I wish I could draw half as well as you can. Keep up the great work!!!

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Thank you so much!!! :heart: Hopefully I can color it after the christmas buisness is done with its attempt to kill me - barely came to draw the last two months^^

Everything in due time. Hopefully you won’t be too swamped this Christmas! Been trying to practice a lot lately with digital art and animation myself and it has been going decently. Maybe I’ll eventually be as good as you! :heart:

That is some amazing art, my friend.


Wow, thank you so much!!! :heart: