Wont save my progress?

The game wont save my progress, happens like 9/10 times.
Hope someone in here can help me what to do.

The usual suspect is something setting your saves folder to read-only access. So check Windows Defender and any other software you may be using (BitDefender, MalwareBytes, etc) specifically to make sure that Borderlands 3 and its folders are exempted.

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Tryede that now, and still wont save.

It’s worth double-checking the permissions on the individual save files and enclosing folder just to be sure - if any are set to read only, then something is still locking them.

The other thing that has happened in the past with the Epic launcher is that the cloud save feature has over-written the local file even when the local one is the more recent save. If you’re on Epic, is the cloud save feature on or off?