Won't Unlock The Gun In The Stone Achievement

I go for the achievement and it simply won’t unlock it. It’s a pretty straight forward achievement, I need to have a badass rank of 2500 and all I need to do is press X to pick it up. When I do that though it won’t give it to me, so I also tried picking it up and equiping it to see if that helps, but it didn’t. I keep exiting to the dashboard and quitting the game from there so it won’t save, restarting the console/game and trying again, but still nothing.

Anybody know of a way to fix this or is it out of my hands?

Have you actually checkex your achievements to see if it unlocked? I remember some people had issues back at launch of THC where their achievement popups weren’t working, but the achievements were still unlocking correctly.

I just checked to make sure and no, I don’t have it. I came up with a couple different ideas on ways to fix it, but I don’t know if they will work.

I’m going to have a friend crate a lobby and I’ll join his game. He didn’t get the gun yet so it should still be there. Once I grab it we’ll exit to the dashboard and quit the game so he can still grab it later.

My other idea is to just wait until my second play through or my second character. I don’t like either of those ideas because I’ll have to play a good portion of the game just to get to that point and I won’t know if it’ll even work or not, but I was thinking about doing those things anyway. I’ll post if any of those work.