Woodsworn and The Tour (Boulder and Benedict): Let's get 'em done

Looking for players to get Boulder ’ s Woodsworn (5 eldrid, can all be Boulder if you want to get it too) and Benedict ’ s The Tour (Benedict + 3 UPRs for I THINK 5 games, again, can all be Benedict to get lore together). Fully open to hardcore suicide method to get it done faster.
I’ll be on around 7 EST tonight and will be on from now-ish till 6. GT is Ice Cold Jay D. C’mon y’all, let’s nail this.

Sorry you missed us last night when we did this! If you need some help, feel free to send an invite to Alkymist96.

Thanks. I probably won’t be on toll Wednesday. What time do you usually play?

Should be on by 7 eastern, and will be on for at least a couple of hours.

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I’m six hours behind you, but I’m willing to help if you’re playing any other times… GT BinaryXcellence

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Same here. Gamertag is SlimReaperXL. I can be on almost any time before midnight EST. Please add me and invite me when you are ready.

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Thanks guys. Added you all. Hope I can get these done sometime during the week.

Thanks again!

Anyone still need these on XB1?

My gamertag is Jargo801