Woodsworn Challenge (again)

I am looking for FOUR players to assist me with Boldur’s Woodsworn, everyone has to play Eldrid characters. I don’t enough friends on Xbox One with Battleborn to complete this challenge
Gamer Tag: Gunsmoke1084.

Not sure if you still need it but so do I, my Gamertag for Xbox One is XxGiNGERxFuRYxX

Shoot me an add or a message. I need to do it aswell.

I actually got the lore challenge completed, but if I’m on and I can help you wrangle a few more people I will and I’ll also help out. :slight_smile:

LF more to do Woodsworn challenge. Msg Twelveclaymore

Need help doing woodsworn challenge please. Don’t have any friends on Xbox. GT: chadx85

Hi there! I still need help for the woodsworn chall, if anybody want to do it or help me to do it, add me, GT : Delka38
See you!
If i’m not connected, send me a message, I got the app on my phone.

Its really a redic challenge IMO

Hello I’m trying to do this as well! Not going so well. If there are any PS4 users floating around at the moment. My psn name is Fides_Ire, please please give a hand cause this challenge requirements is really dumb.

So do you actually need a 5 player group to complete this? Like so many things in this game, the wording is unclear and vague - it just says you need to have a “team of all Eldrid”, but that could be true with anywhere from 2-5 players (or technically even just with 1 player…).

I they also said “match” in the tooltip, and they are sooooo f*cking inconsistent with that word. Most of the time “match” means “PVP” and “mission” means PVE, but not always. Can this challenge be completed in PVE Story Missions, or just in PVP Matches…?

You need a full 5 man team of Eldrid to complete a match in PvP or PvE. If anyone’s interested on ps4 my psn is TwilightSky023 and I have at least one other person in my party tonight

You might be better of making a PS4 Woodsworn Challenge titled topic, most of the folks that responded here are Xbox1. For the record I agree on the stupidity of the challenge, it feels like a stupid Facebook game that requires you to have more friends to unlock content. And just FYI I haven’t played with anyone that helped me get the challenge SINCE, so just a waste of time.
@TwilightSky023 is on PSN/PS4.

It can be a story mode mission AND you don’t to complete it or a match I guess, but it does have to a 5 PLAYER team.
The most common way to do it from what I understand is to play story mode and either immediate exhaust you live by jumping off cliffs or playing and hardcore mode and just walking in to combat aimlessly… a failed mission satisfies the challenge.
I’ve also ranted several times about how this challenge is VERY vaguely worded. I had the same thoughts at first running a mission solo and then as a s a duo with Thorn, it has to 5 PLAYERS.

I need this. Xbone gt: sjaugust1
Who wants to do an all boulder run?

I am also looking for four teammates for a run. Can exhaust or play thru. My Xbox tag is Denarchy.

Hey guys, dabbling in necromancy again. Looking for people to help get this lore done, and any others that YOU might need help with.

PSNid is : I_am_Havoc

Feel free to send an add my way. Doesn’t have to be today, doesn’t have to be next week, just anytime. Thanks!

Yeah I need to get this done, PSN ID is Adzamoose. Should be on most nights this week.

Anybody still need this challenge on PS4? I’m looking to get it out of the way and I will probably have 2 other friends online this afternoon and evening and we can all get it done. If anybody can help out that would be great! Add me: texans20

I need help with this lore, XB1, GT: HairyFlounder3 msg me that you seen this so i know. thanks. looking to just have a quick use

I got a second profile I can load up to help you with this… XB1 GT: heartagram07

I’m Aussie based re time differences but usually online over weekend (USA Fri & Sat)