Woodsworn Challenge Need 4 players

Looking for 4 players on PS4 to do the Woodsworn Lore for boldur. Just need 4 player plus me to all be Eldrid Characters and start a match. Please message on here or friend me on PSN, gamertag: ChaosPatriot.

I should be on in about an hour. You can add me.

PSN: humpthewind

Guess i can help, not doing anything bored, i’ll chip in … get it woodsworn :open_mouth:

We should all do a public match and all be boldur. Does the lore specify that you have to be him? If so, we would all unlock it at once.

No the lore just says you have to play a match with all Eldred characters (5 total) and yes we can be all Boldur if you want., and it will unlock that lore for everyone on the team. Unfortunately, I got hung up at work and won’t be on until later tonight, like 2-3 hours but I’ll friend request you guys and we can get it done, we just have to start a match, not even complete it. I have a buddy that said he’ll help if needed too.

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If you need a 5th I’ll also be on for the next 10 or so hours


I’ll help after this Capture match is over. I’m already in matchmaking.


Moved to the online play section. Have fun!

Thanks everyone! Woo-hoo Master of Boldur!

If you ever need any other Lore help I’m on PS4 like everyday. Just hit me up if you guys need more lore challenges

Wouldn’t mind getting this one out of the way
I should be on in a little while after work

PSN VonStoogiN