Woodsworn challenge

Playing on ps4. So, I played a meltdown match and actually got a full eldrid team, however at the end of it I did not have it completed. Does it need to be a full 5-man party with no random players at all? If so, this is basically impossible to do for me. If not, then this challenge is bugged, and the devs need to give me my challenge. Been trying to get this done for the last week.

we did it yesterday on a 5 team, achievement was awarded afterwards.

did you play as boldur? you need to be him on that eldrid team to get it done.

how did you do this? its impossible for me

Yes, I did play him, and we did play as a full Eldrid team. We were a 4-man party and the 5th player was a random who first-picked an Eldrid character. Since I’ve been trying to get this challenge done for so long my friends all agreed to play Eldrid characters as well so I could get the challenge done.

Afterwards, we were all pretty pissed that it didn’t give me credit. Does it have to be a story mission and pvp doesn’t count? Does it have to be a 5-man party no matter what? I have no explaination based off the text in the game.

hum can’t tell you the exact requirements, but I can tell you what we did

party of 5
story hc - algorythm - unique characters [ ] off
all played either boldur or thorn (double-dips)
and all boldurs got their achievement

Did anybody leave or disconnect before match/mission ended?

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Yeah, this. I know from experience that any lore challenge with a “play with X” requirement will NOT be validated if the “X” (or one of the “X” in Boldur’s woodsworn challenge case) disconnect before the end of the mission/ game. Even if it’s near the end. So did you finish the game with 4 players maybe?

This “challenge” is among the stupidest in the game. I detest these types of challenges, because they are basically impossible without multiple friends who play the game.

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While we are all here, anyone want to team up and get the challenge done? Ps4 - Trigin15

I’m pretty sure it has to be a 5-man team consisting of players, NO BOTS. I’ve tried doing it solo and as a duo with Thorn, both should be acceptable according the text/wording in the challenge. I think the Woodsworn challenge REALLY needs tweaking, cuz nobody EVER WANTS to play ALL Eldrid.

Like someone already said it there was a disconnect before the end of the match that will fail the challenge also.

Agree a lot here. I JUST got this completed last night and popped off that Master of Boldur title.

I think it’d be better to do something similar to "Play 2 matches with each Eldrid Battleborn"
That way you could play 10 games, 2 with each Eldrid, and pick it up. (I’ve never seen someone play Kelvin till last night).

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I figure I’ll ask here instead of making a new thread… sorry for the necro.

I need four more people to help with the Woodsworn challenge, (Play with all Eldrid characters), I don’t mind completing a mission or just jumping off the nearest cliff. This is for PS4 (There is another one for X1), and my psn is the same as my username on here. Just let me know in a message that it’s for Woodsworn so I know when to contact you!

Hey guys, fellow necromancer here. Looking for people to help get this lore done, and any others that YOU might need help with.

PSNid is : I_am_Havoc

Feel free to send an add my way. Doesn’t have to be today, doesn’t have to be next week, just anytime. Thanks!

Hey guys, I need help completing this challenge if anyone is willing. I’m Axelrox3 on PS4