Woodsworn Glitch

my friend and I wanted to get Boldurs champion skin because they’re not working correctly. So we decided to play through the Experiment, both being boldur, for no real reason. At the end of the mission, we both got the thing telling us we got woodsworn, despite it being just the two of us.

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Hmmm. Maybe changed in the update?

Isn’t the wording on Woodsworn “play on a team entirely made of Eldrid Battleborn?” Two Boulders would qualify…

Yeah, But in the past it required you have a full team of five.

That would be a dream come true if it worked. It didn’t back in the day.

2 player eldrid teams absolutely count for this challenge. Thorn has a lore where she has to play with boldur so my brother an I duo’d the archive. One round of Thorn/Boldur and he got it

Just ran Renagade with Melka and Boldur and didn’t get the lore challenge. Guess I didn’t hold my mouth right.

Bot Battles count for that?

I would assume so. Private matches won’t though, since “Challenge and Trophy progress is not incremented in this experience.”

@francisconros Actually, do you need the challenge? I know of three others willing to help/who need it, so if you want to join up, send me a friend request on PSN. Same username.

I need, but I’m on Xbox D:

Ah, sorry. I posted in another Boldur thread in the PS4 section, thought I was still there. Well, I wish you luck!

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I’ll ask you too, if you’re on the PS4, wanna join a group for the challenge?

Sure, I’ve got two accounts - GreyWarden007 and SandyBeach007, would like it for both if possible

I’ll add you. I can’t promise anything since the other players I’ve met through here as well, but I doubt it’ll be a problem. :slight_smile: