Woodsworn is impossible!

Seriously, 5 eldrit? its impossible to get 4 other people to agree to cooperate for this thing theres always SOMEONE who changes at the last second or just ignores you, its the only lore challenge i need and its driving me insane

If you’re not already: try bot matches, people there are often very cooperative and like helping others complete lore.

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If you stay silent - it’s very hard, but if before character selection you will say - hey, can you guys pick Eldrid characters, I need it for my Boldur lore - most players will pick Eldrid and only the new’ish players may not understand what you mean and still pick the ones that’s not Eldrid. So keep on trying and you will do it pretty easy.

And yeah, bots battle are the best bet to accomplish this these days - people doesn’t really care much about their character picks there anyway.

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Try and get some folks into a party beforehand. You can post in the relevant on-line play section in the forums, sign up over at @Kaleidodemon’s BB discord or (if on XB1) join one of the larger BB clubs and post for a group to do the lore. Given the number of low CR players I’ve been seeing recently, there have got to be plenty of others who don’t have this yet and would love to help out.


I got this randomly didn’t even realize it until later. Early on I was trying for this each time but I would agree that most of those in bots battle are doing it for lore challenges. Get boldur right away and people may tag along. I’ve seen a lot of people change their picks to help someone’s lore after they see the selection (for example Marquis / Phoebe, Montana/oscar Mike)

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PSN stevenomes. I’ll pick and Elfrid if you are in the match.

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…On PC you can only use two words right now, the chat is broken.

i might take you up on that :smiley:

Hey, can

You guys

Pick Eldrid

Characters please?

But seriously

This usually

Takes outside

Communication to

Complete which

I actually

Love because

It’s brought

A few

People here

And we

Need everyone

We can

To band

Together so

We don’t

Die in

The dark


I can attest to people being willing to help with lore in bot battles and PvE in general (at least on normal). I was once in an all-Boldur mission run that got this for everyone in the group. It had the added benefit of also being highly entertaining.

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That’s literally how PC players chat on character selection screen these days :joy:


You can open up the chat (to write) and then just scroll up to view longer messages. It’s rly bad tho.

Also did they change the requirement that you can do it in ops mission? I got it already but don’t even remember it happening. I was srealky trying for a while to coordinate then just gave up. But usually when I pick boldur I pay attention to who the others are selecting (just in case).

Not true, you can scroll up and read it all easy peasy.

I’m guessing this is if you have that chat option set.
In normal chat it isn’t scrolling and you can only see the last line from anyone.

On PC during character selection, if you type: Every good boy does fine
This is what shows:

btw When I did this challenge it was on Algorithm with others here, we just jumped at the map start.

I was on an all boldur squad once but someone changed to Marquis at the last moment.

I didn’t change any settings or whatever so it must be a default thing, all you have to do is open chat (as if you were going to type something) and scroll up :confused:

You have to scream “WOODSWOOOORN” at the character selection screen so people know you are going for the lore.

Been begging all night, no luck

did you get close?