Word of advice GB - Don't have a red chest event rain legendaries that ends THE DAY BEFORE a level increase

So when I first heard about the red chest event, I thought they’d maybe have a 50% chance to have one legendary in them.

Then they frequently had 3 or more.

“Uh-oh,” I thought…“they’re doing this because they know all of this gear is about to become junk”.

And in fact, that is what happened.

Next time, maybe do the chest event SIMULTANEOUSLY with the level cap increase? And don’t make it “invalidatingly generous”?

It just plain sucks the way you’ve handled this. “Here, have a bunch of legendaries that will literally be nerfed level-wise the day after you can stop farming them in this special event.”


These red chests are useful/fun for leveling characters too…


You hit it on the head! I felt it coming to but luckly i still have to finish my zane then start a fl4k for the first time.

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That’s true. And I’d use them happily while getting my three new levels (if I could).

I have also been using them while leveling characters (I don’t just play my four level 50s)…I’ve gotten 3 others up to 50 during this event and will probably finish my last one today/tomorrow.

I think my point still stands as far as max level characters go…and as customer service (general treatment of their playerbase) goes.

The timeframe of all this is kind of a slap in the face.

If they had waited even a month to give us the level cap, I don’t think I’d feel this way.


I was able to get a lo level Re-Router with one of my mules.