Work and such stuff

What are you doing at work/home/school right now? New frame section.

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I’ve been on the other side of that, as a line Cook. Doing 3 jobs at once. Salad, saute, and prepping.

Writing some code.

Wishing I was home playing Rocksmith (the new Soundgarden pack), and some Far Cry 4.

Building bridges…

That’s some nice scaffolding. Reassembly commencing.

Crappy pic. Thank the goodness I’m upgrading my phone tomorrow. This bad boy is almost cut.

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A forum within a forum within a forum…

It’s lunch time…


Eww apple.
How dare you, I demand a new sponge.

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That sounds fair.

I think I have a spare in this pineapple under the sea…

I vote derch

I was gonna vote Blut, but Derch is a great idea! :smiley:

I can’t be the sponge, I’m a reviewer.

Now not at work. Don’t worry, no Apples this time - I promise!

Turns out that the drying time between coats for the polyurethane I’m using on this little project is about the same time it takes to do a couple of Lynchwood side quests, so I can conveniently claim to be working on this while still playing BL2…

I’m working from home at the moment, hunched over the laptop in the dark, with the wife and dog stirring as they wake up, writing a report in Crystal and surfing the web while it fetches information. I’ll be driving a whole 13 minutes to get to work when I feel like it later this morning.

*a day at IT