Work around for EPIC store offline mode

So i had trouble getting Offline mode to properly work on the EGS, but its seems you have to be completely offline (turn off your internet) instead of using the “sign in later” function for you to actually be able to play offline.

Why is this important, me and my brother share an account and both accounts can be playing the game at the same time online, so we tried to figure out how to get the offline mode to work properly ( similar to steam)

Thank you!

Im having issues using the offline mode for EGS. My pc is not connected to the internet ,and when I use the “skip sign in” for EGS when I go to load Borderlands 3 I get a error code LS-003 “you must be signed in to launch”. How do I play Borderlands 3 offline?


I’m having the exact same issue. I sent s support request to EGS but haven’t gotten a response yet.

Let me know if you have any success. When I get off work im going to try a few things that might fix it. I’ll let you know if I figure it brotha

Fantastic, thanks!

Im trying to use the offline feature for the Epic games store. My internet is down till Tuesday. When I load the store I click “skip sign in”,but when I launch Borderlands 3 I get a error code LS-003. How do I play Borderlands 3 offline?

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I believe that BL3 is an online game.
I would suggest you use a mobile hotspot in the mean time until your Internet is back up and running.
Good luck!

Do you by any chance been LS-013? If so, there’s a fix described here

It’s not, but on PC the game is using Denuvo DRM, so the client will check against the Denuvo servers at launch. I suspect the fix for LS-013 I linked basically makes the “I’m offline” handle the DRM check appropriately.

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I did the fix above but all It did was change my error code from LS-0003 to LS-0013 and still won’t launch. Its a shame but my internet provider does come out tomorrow to fix my fiber line. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with this when I’m online.

hey guys, ive encountered the same issue for offline mode. upon launching the BL3 icon it automatically launches the EGS launcher first. asks me to sign in or continue offline, i chose to not sign in, and yet the game refuses to launch. prior to that, my internet or wifi is off from the start. i also set EGS launcher setting to “run when my computer starts” to OFF when i boot my pc. still same issue.

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BL3 works when i have net connection and logs me in EGS upon launching game, but when i take my pc elsewhere remote w/o internet and launch, this issue persists and req me to be signed in.

TIP: BL3 is linked to your EGS acct right?.. try logging out of EGS acct after your last online play through and keep EGS closed ( so next play through w/o internet the game might launch. ) OR stay logged on EGS after your last play though then close the game. and next time you play offline, the preferences it might still be saved in your system upon launch. i hope that makes sense. PLEASE let us know if any of this works. am also looking for a workaround for this offline play. Thanks.

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Yepper! it can be played off line, but have to jump through a bunch of hoops, make sure internet is off unplug, or switch off router or if you can click on something what ever… then that wander around inside my system soft ware boots up… and after you deny on a couple of windows it finally starts.

Booster packs you get on line don’t work off line, heck it removed them from my character in a really bad place to lose a shield… I guess you don’t really get them, they just tease you with them, and get you when you try to play off line.

Epic gave me this fix. I havent tried it yet ,but by the time I get home today my internet should be fixed. Hopefully it works for you.

1)Exit Epic Launcher
2) Browse C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\AppData\Local\EpicGamesLauncher\Saved
3) Delete the web cache folder
4)Launch Epic Launcher

am very careful deleting/tampering any components of the game locally, it might screw up the game on my local might even make things worse.

Have you all tried going to Library > Borderlands 3 > Launch after getting the LS-003 error in the launcher? Because I just did (with ethernet unplugged) and it started the game fine.

It seems, at least in my case, that the initial error is a false one caused by attempting to launch the game directly from a shortcut which kicks off some multi step operation that doesn’t jive with a launcher that skipped sign-in.

Anyway, give it a shot; maybe it’ll work!


I haven’t deleted any files as I did not find that exact file path. I did, however, get a response from Epic Games today:

"We understand that you can’t play Borderlands 3 offline. That being said, please be aware that if you want to play Borderlands 3 on PC, you’ll need to have internet connection to login on your Epic Games Launcher… "

So no help there. They basically rewrote my question back to me in answer form. -_-

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So much for ‘you can play Borderlands 3 offline’.


This. I read about it on Reddit: When the error message shows up, you have to click on the big blue “Dismiss” button (I believe that’s what it says in English), then you can select and start the game from your library. Worked like a charm for me, with the slight drawback that the -culture=en line was ignored, so the game launched in German. But at least it is playable offline, as advertised.

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I unplugged my lan cable from my pc… went into the epic launcher and went into the borderlands 3 settings and turned off auto-update, launched the game and I’m farming right now. Hopefully this helps others in the same boat!