WORKAROUND For 2 problems I was having

So when i first transfered bl2 chars to my xbox one I noticed a couple of problems… one I was missing alot of weapons and ammo… today I decided to try somthing out after I noticed that one of my Chars (Salvador) did not have the correct quest progression… infact his quest progression was nearly identical to the first char I imported… so that made me think a bit…

What if the import is thinking that the quest progression was the same for every char imported? I found out after deleteing every char on my xbone, and re-importing Sally again… he had the correct quest progression specifically on the DLC. proper areas unlocked and all of his proper equipment… Even his correct equiped (not unlocked) head and skin.

In short make sure you import the character with the furthest progression in the game before importing a character with less progression…

So you will be missing heads and skins… and bar… but no progression and no items.

Good tip.

Another possibility is that you loaded up that character before the game (and therefore the corresponding DLC) was finished installing, leading the game to place you somewhere quest-wise that you could actually access at that point of installation.

it kinda worked in my case… even getting the “dlc missing” message, my reuploaded character now can get the missions correctly :smile:
but they still need to fix the heads/skins/BAR/error message problems lol

What’s up with the DLC missing error? I’m getting it also.

Same. It doesn’t seem to actually affect anything, and only happens on my Overpower 'zerker. Says I can’t level past 72 without more DLC, and the DLC marketplace list doesn’t load.

Yea, both of my overpowered characters can’t level past 72, and both are missing all badass rank.

When you say furthest progression, do you mean level? Or amount of content seen/completed. 'Cause my Siren is the only character I’ve gone OP with (and the only one missing a weapon, the Butcher).

But my Gaige is the character that actually completed all the achievement stuff with (i.e. uncovering all the areas of the maps and stuff).

I transferred my Siren first.

The weird thing is my Butcher is also missing on my 360 save. Which I just don’t understand. So it’s probably unrelated in my case.

Furtherst as in most areas unlocked for fast travel. but if your butcher is gone from your 360… hrm… not much u can do I suppose… I can give you one… op8 though.

Well they should be equal then. Ah well. I’ll get another Butcher, one way or another. I’m only OP1 on my Siren.

Thanks for the offer though.