Working on a small new WP map for Hell's Highway

(LeYuno) #1

Hi everyone, with the anticipation of a new BIA and the recent streaming event for Post Scriptum I felt the need to create something new for BIA. I had a project going for a while but I just didn’t feel like it was going anywhere so I started over.

It’s going to be an urban battle not unlike the last part of Five o Sink.
I’ll post more when there is more to show or tell.

If you’re interested in this let me know, the more hyped I am for this project the faster I will be able to complete it. Keep in mind this may take several weeks if not months to complete.

(Currahee) #2

I’m interested

(LeYuno) #3

well I got some work done during the weekend, the basic layout of the level, started on some terrain work and already put some of the houses and surrounding yards into the map. Still lots to do, not a single piece of gameplay is in yet so yea. When I have some more items put in I’ll post a screen.

(vamilitaria4) #4

Now that I’m thinking of it, it appears that your “Crossroads” map is no longer available online, all the links redirect to :

Anyway, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

(LeYuno) #5

you can still find it on on the bottom of the front page. :slight_smile:

(vamilitaria4) #6

Not really, that link is precisely the one redirecting me to this : :stuck_out_tongue:

(LeYuno) #7

oh! I’ll have a look at that. sorry for the late reply, seems like the forums didn’t notify me of this one.

edit it’s fixed. I’ll take a look at the zip file too, the crossroads mission was completely finished, I have no idea why the zip wouldn’t contain the last part. I’ll take a look at that tonight when I get back home.

edit, checked and it looks like all three maps are in the file so you are good to go.

(My Fake Name) #8

I’d love to see it. There’s almost literally no fresh content, if not any, for Brothers In Arms. Just having a new map would make me feel good to play this game again. This game is my favorite game of all time and to be honest I would do a lot of things to try to get this series back. If you really think about it, this game could be killer if it’s brought back right. The game has a mechanic that’s really interesting and no other game I have seen implement. I don’t think I’ve seen a game come back especially since the last one was made how many years ago, but you never know. I hate to say it like that, but I’m still not going to lose hope and I think us as some kind of community that hasn’t left needs to show them something ourselves.

(LeYuno) #9

No problem man. I just worked on it a bit yesterday. Stil LOTS to do but it’s moving along.

(vamilitaria4) #10

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!