Working with Cut Scenes Few Questions

1. I want to make the ability to fly through a ship in order to make a cut scene.
I am assuming i need to duplicate an existing ship and then change the ship to allow mt to fly through it?

2. I want to make a Vaygr Mother-ship be able to capture another ship. If I get the MS close, i want the Vaygr style capture pods to come out of the MS and fly to the new ship. I can manually code the capture mechanic easy enough I just want the visual to go with it.

3. I want to make a large explosions or series of large explosions in the player’s view. Something equivalent to and maybe larger than a Mother-ship explosion. I remember in the old days Complex had something similar to this.

Would appreciate any links, help, etc on these three items.

  1. In a NIS? I don’t know (and who does…), but it seems to me NIS doesn’t care at all about collisions. All the Mothership launch sequences, or the barge leaving the Bentusi ship shots all must have ignored the ship’s collisions. I go of memory on this, but I think we have plenty of flying near things, closer than what a collision box would allow.

  2. That is a missile weapon:


setFireMultFactor(NewWeaponType, 1.0);

It is not as much about NIS as just making a model without collisions. Since i make my own scenes, NIS does not factor in. If i can duplicate an existing model, make it possible to fly through, I can create my own illusions with pathing control of units for a scene. Then when ready to give control back to the player, swap the fake unit for the real one.

I remember the HW2 Complex mod had changed things of this nature.

Does a camera have to fly through, or a ship? Do what you said, but if it’s a ship, you can just add a dock path and get the ship on that dock path.

I may have figured it out… testing now. Changing the familylist avoidance and collisionfamily values.

If this works like i think, then i should be able to pass through a hulk model. If i can fly through it then if the model has some structure and some open (see through able) areas I can make a ship appear to fly through the open areas like a fighter navigating through the inside of a dead ship.

We shall see. :slight_smile:

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This only partially worked. I altered the collisionFamily and avoidanceFamily to be “Small” and “DontAvoid” and the results were that the scouts could fly into the hulk. However, as i got closer to inside the camera shook and backed out while the ships stayed inside. I also noticed that depending on which direction i tried to make the ships fly out, they either got stuck (like in quicksand) or they flew fine. Once i was attacked inside and I could see enemy fire hitting an invisible wall near my ships.

Oh well… it may be possible but i dont need the scene that bad, i might give up on this. I just thought it would make a nice scene to have a scout fly in and out of a structure like the opening of Cataclysm.

So why don’t you change the ship’s collision mesh?

Because i have no idea what that is. lol

It gets complicated here. You’d have to use RODOH to transform a prepatch ship, open it in any 3D editor, shrink (or delete?) the collision mesh and then use HODOR to put it back into a HOD file. I think that would work.

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I think I will make it fly BY instead of through. hehe That sounds like a lot of work for a 4 second scene.