Workshop Tool failing

I have a mod that is ~6.5GB uncompressed. Sometimes when updating the mod the Workshop Tool likes to quit processing, and just upload what it has done so far. For instance, just a few minutes ago the tool stopped at the letter ‘D’ of my largest folder:

hw1_dantesfatespect4.level Compress Buffer
hw1_dantesfatespect4.tga Compress Stream
Uploaded 1,583,040 of 1,583,040 bytes
Workshop item updated.

It does not do this all the time, but it is frustrating.

You’re on a broadband connection I hope?

No. It stops before it finishes packaging the mod.


I mean yes, I have broadband.

Also, could you please make it so that the Workshop Tool preserves whitespace in the descriptions? I keep having to go into Steam and fix the missing line breaks by hand. And because of this my descriptions are much shorter than they should be.