World drops not working

so I’ve been having an issue and I was hoping someone could help. I have a level 60 zane that only gets dedicated drops from deciates sources. I haven’t seen a world drop in a few days, ill kill graveward and only get the lob, grave, and ward. I also have a level 60 fl4k and his world drops are just fine. So its only the one character I’m having issues with and can’t find anything online because searching for anything legendary related just brings up drop rates and lists. Im playing on pc through epic games client. Thank you for any advice!

Any difference in luck stats/gear or mayhem modifiers? Guardian rank perks all turned on the same on both characters?

Both characters are using the same guardian rank with the same modifiers both on mayhem 10.

Even with luck as a factor , I’ve killed the scrap nest about 30 times as zane and only got legendaries off the big one. Everytime it was the lucky 7, boomer, and seein dead class mod. Only 1 drop per attempt

That’s a weird one. I haven’t had any issues with any of my characters. Might be worth it to submit a support ticket with 2k. If you’re on PC you might try copying the save and using the copy with a different save number to see if it effects anything.

I’m so jealous. I’m tired of all the world drops.
You have a gift. Embrace it.


I might just leave it alone, wish it was on my fl4k instead as he is more of my boss killer while zane is my mobber, but it’ll make farming for specific guns a lot easier.

I think it is the event that gave you this impression, dedicated are guaranteed, world drop is not guaranteed so with rng it is possible that purely coincidentally you don’t get world drop. Also Scrap trap nest rarely drops anything else than lucky 7 or boomer even before the event.

I ran through with fk4k and got around 8 legendaries from all the little ones, get none on zane. Its just strange to me