World Traveler Achievement not unlocking

all maps are filled and finished every side mission nothing yet. i had a friend take me threw all the places did not work still no achievement. made a new character to re do the story and side missions and still nothing…

There are tons of places that are just named and even if the map is filled up, the achievement wont pop until you visit it. There is one place a lot of people miss and its called “Ebonfloe”. Its to the right in the area where you fight the midget riding the bullymong for the mission for Hammerlock. When you enter you have to go right and follow the path around the ice caves and winding ramp. You will come to a jump that you have to jump across and when you do the name will pop up.

Did you get the little campsite in Sawtooth Cauldron?

…and the hidden mong cave in Eridium Blight? There’s a list somewhere…lemme look


and HERE:

I just unlocked it and was having the same problem with all other location trophy/achievements completed except cosmic completion. My remedy was an area in tycho 's ribs called the compression chamber you fast travel and take the first possible left after descending the first moving platform you can’t miss it it looks like a enemy camp and you just keep going back hope I was able to help.

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hey everyone i got it ages ago forgot to comment back