World Traveler Trophy Help

If anyone is around that can help me figure out what area I’m missing to get the world traveler achievement I would appreciate it. I have two characters that I have been going through and I don’t think that either of them are missing anything. Any help would be appreciated. My psn is logan27smith if you want to jump in a party or chat through psn. If not any suggestions here would be helpful.

This is also now the only trophy I am missing for the platinum so any and all help is highly appreciated.

Here’s a list of the most common missed locations for you to check:

Note that on every map you should see a solid white outline around pretty much the entire map (including any interior outlines). Any grey holes or lines with a missing portion (and no hash marks in the area) indicate a named location you missed.

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Thanks for the list. I double checked all of these. Whatever I’m missing is something that I shouldn’t be missing. I just don’t know what it is exactly. I may end up doing another playthrough just to get this trophy since I can’t figure it out on either character.

Suggestion: check the loot maps with each of your own, and make sure yours a completely filled in and not missing any outline. You can find them all here:

From personal experience, it’s typically some small area long an edge that you didn’t quite get into far enough to unlock eg. the two lakes in Three Horns Valley. You could also check through your challenges on one of the characters - if you’re missing a vault symbol, for example, that may be some location you didn’t get to.

I will try this when I get back later. Thank you for the help.

The “thick line” suggestion is what usually help the most. That’s how I found my elusive missing maps. On two accounts. Chances are you’ll find them in the suggested usually missed areas.

just remember it’s for one character. take the one you’ve done most side missions with and this should be the best start.

also, there are different zones for the trophy so check which ones you’ve completed

Arctic Explorer
Urban Explorer
Highlands Explorer
Blight Explorer

and let us know which areas still needs doing. there are some areas in these maps we’ll nail for you if you shorten the list. And i’ll be more than happy to jump in and help you if your on when i am (UK time)