World Traveller Trophy

So the last thing I need in BL2 is the world traveller trophy. Does Digistruct Peak count toward this trophy? I know I have not discovered the op 8 boss fight location. Just don’t want to waste my time trying to get there if it ends up being some small easy to miss location in another area. Thanks!

It’s not the peak it’s

Awesome, thanks. back to the maps i go!

First suspects are:

  • Avie’s Camp in Sawtooth Cauldron, that you need to jump to from top of Buzzard Nest (also a challenge)
  • Infested Grotto in Eridium Blight. Shoot the fuse box and enter trough the laser barricaded door.
  • Ebonflow in Southern Self Bay. It’s on a lap you need to run in the opposite direction of the village where Midgemong is.

World traveler only has main game areas in it. Not DLC’s so it can’t be peak. Try looking at your map in different areas to spot a dark area still covered by fog of war to figure out which you’re missing.

Also, there’s an area in Three Horns Valley, right between Split Skull Bay and where the Vault symbol is located in the shack. Drive up to their and you should encounter a bunch of rakk- the area doesn’t have a name so it’s easy to miss…

I’ve literally just got this one so places I checked for:

If you have the three mini explorer achievements you can rule out any of the locations associated with that. (Though the other place thats easy to miss in the eridium blight is the bit at the top left where the lotr easter egg is if you haven’t) none of the dlc counts and fiarly sure terramorphus peak doesnt either?

Places unlocked by side quests if you havent done them:
Parts of the fridge (couple of missions from scooter)
Caustic caverns mining cart mission
Holy spirits caves in clan wars
That bit of bloodshot stronghold the splinter group mission is in
Southpaw steam and power and friendship gulag are fairly easy to miss entirely if you dont go there for the side missions (caustic caverns+sanctuary hole and lynchwood are also side mission only I think) as are the areana maps if you just havent been to them (finks and orecasm)

There were some bits of the dust I’d just managed to never drive through somehow (idk how, its big I guess?)
Southern shelf bay someone mentioned, southern shelf itself also has a sort of random bit with nothing in it bits of frostburn seem easy to miss so maybe check those maps?

Places not on the fast travel if you’re still missing stuff after going down location list:
Friendship gulag
Bloodshot ramparts
End of the line
Holy spirits
The vault
(I think a lot of these are enter once and unlock all of the map though)
Natural selection might count? Might not

Places not in the three mini discovery achievements if you have them already:
Windshear wastes
Southernshelf bay
The dust
Both bloodshot maps
Friendship gulag
End of the line (?)
The fridge
Holy spirits
Sanctuary hole
Caustic caverns
The bunker
Heros pass
The vault
All of the arenas