World Traveller


I got all my missing explorer trophies last night but the world one didnt unlock. I went to every location on the map and couldnt see any issues or black spots and could see the outline of every map. Does anyone know what might be the issue(s)?

To my knowledge, you have to discover more than just main locations. Things like the Splinter Group’s hideout and the Minecraft easter egg location has to be discovered in it’s respective location for you to unlock the achievement for said group of location. You also have to do certain, if not all, of the side missions to complete or unlock the World Traveler achievement. I think this guide will help you. Here’s a full list of the locations. I hope I’ve helped you.

Ive done every side mission and got all trophies for them. I will check out all the hidden places.

If this doesnt unlock what is best way to tackle it?

Make sure to check every corner of each place that is marked (excluding the DLC). Leave no spot uncovered. I know of no methods or easy ways to do this. I don’t think I can provide anymore information if what I’ve told and link you does not help. Sorry.

Have you found this Hidden location

Did you go all the way behind and up the paths of Ellie’s garage? (that’s what did it for my friend).

Or the volcano path in Eridum Blight there is a map challenge for it. Also, in Sawtooth, there is Avie’s camp, another map related challenge. To see if you went to those places look in your challenges with corresponding map.