World War 2 - A collection of short stories

First thing’s first: The name sucks, I know, I’ll come up with a better one at some point, just not now.

Secondly, this is a thread about my progress in writing a series of short stories centered around an alternate universe in which the US decides against the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, instead opting for a full scale invasion. Also different in this universe: The Japanese are far better quipped to handle a US invasion of their home islands, including far more fuel and airplanes in better repair, as well as beach fortifications and additional AA support. Additionally, some models of planes or ships that never saw action in the real war will see action here, including the planned Montana class battleship of the United States Navy.

I’m primarily making this thread so I don’t clog up the Writer’s Thread as I’ve been doing. This way, those who are actually interested in these stories can see them, while those who aren’t can choose to avoid them. Win-win.
This is my original post, detailing very rough drafts of the scenarios that will take place. This thread is more so about the progression of these rought drafts into a full blown outline for the story. Additionally, I will occasionally post small excerpts from the stories I write. Blood and gore will be hidden behind spoiler tags, so if you do not wish to see that, please do not click on them (though if you’re adverse to those things I wouldn’t suggest a WW2 story for you anyways). With all that said, here is my first edit of the rough draft for the first story.

This is the link for my Google Docs backup for all these outlines


I’ve decided to add an additional story, a small scale bombing raid against an aircraft production factory. About two dozen B-29s escorted by P-51s and P-47s (P-47s fully loaded with maximum ammunition, as well as 10 127mm rockets and ~1500-2000 lbs of bombs). They come under fire from ground based AA, and the P-47s dive, directing their cannons as well as rockets. They eliminate the position, but not before losing a P-51 and 2 B-29s. Two P-47s are forced to turn back after having been damaged by small arms fire from the ground. Once they near the factory, roughly 3 dozen Ki-84s intercept the group. Within second, 5 B-29s are falling to the ground, having been eliminated by the immense firepower from the planes. The P-51s turn away from the group in an effort to get a better angle on the enemy planes when they run into A6Ms accompanying the Ki-84s. The Zeros unload into the P-51s, eliminating the majority of them, while losing less than half a dozen of their own. The battle is over in less than 10 minutes, with an overwhelming Japanese victory. However, 3 B-29s managed to score hits on the factory, as well as machine gun fire from fighters. At the end, all American planes were shot down, with the Japanese losing less than half their planes

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Fantastic suggestion from one of my friends for the beach storming scenario. He suggested adding a character that’s the brother of the Lt leading the assault. The two of them are near one another as they capture Japanese prisoners. One of the prisoners runs towards the Lt and pulls the pins on a grenade belt, detonating 5 grenades less than 10 feet away from the Lt, instantly killing him. His brother drops to the ground from the blast, but stays there due to the shock of the event. His ears are still ringing as the Japanese mount a small scale counterattack. He eventually comes to his senses and picks up his machine gun and starts firing blindly at the enemy. He turns to look for his fellow Americans. He sees a man missing half his face, his jaw hanging “by a thread.” Another man has been stabbed in the stomach and his guts are spilling out while he screams in pain. As he turns back, there is a Japanese soldier charging at him. He brings his gun up and unleashes a small flurry of bullets at him, killing him in an instant. He scrambles for a radio and calls in an airstrike on his position, realizing they are about to get overrun and lose some of their footing on the beach. The Navy, after a small argument, they agree to conduct a strike. Flash back to the Iowa, where they receive a command to fire on the beach. The main guns adjust their position and unleash a barrage, with the 127mm guns following suit. A small squad of A-26s bomb the position as well, effectively stopping the counterattack in its tracks

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Added a link to the OP, just my google drive backup of all these outlines. Just gonna post when I add another one instead of posting the whole thing here (seems as though I’m unable to do anything like spoiler tags, so there will be gore in a lot of these, as well as gratuitous violence in all of them)

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I’ve decided to expand the stories into all fronts of the war, namely the European Theatre. Battles will include the Battle of Ortona, battle of Stalingrad, bombing of Dresden, battle of Britain, Dunkirk, possibly D-Day, the sinking of the Bismarck, battle of Berlin and Operation Torch (African Theatre, invasion by the US). I’ll probably have more, but these were the first that came to mind. I’m hesitant about writing the D-Day landings, as they’ll be remarkably similar to the fictional beach landings in the Pacific Theatre. May also include the liberation of the Netherlands (Go Canada Woo!)

I’m also considering adding a full scale, combined arms operations, possibly the German Blitzkrieg into Poland, as well as an epic naval battle (fictionalized, as it frees up my writing quite a bit)

I got really angry today and wrote a ridiculously violent hand to hand combat scene