World/Zone map view showing X/Y progress numbers -- what are they?

Heya, just a curious query.

For example, looking at the World/Zone map it’s showing Covenant Pass as 5/6 – what does that mean? It’s the starter zone, has no challenges there… no idea what it is. :confused:

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Maybe the number of named locations discovered? There are also secrets and challenges to discover, like the stuff for Hammerlock and Tannis in the second zone (Drought).

Oddly, I’m shown a percentage, not “5/6” or something like that.

Anyway, for details you can press the R key (PC) or LS (controller) on the map for a detailed list of what you have and haven’t found. Things that count to completion are for example named locations, crew challenges, red chests, eridian writings, etc.

What’s also odd is that the game tells me Covenant Pass has only 5 overall, not 6 (and I’ve got 100% there with those 5).

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I know what you mean OP, I’ve run into the same thing. When you’re on the planet and open your map, it shows 100% completion and an empty Challenge list. But when viewing the planet from orbit, you see “Covenant Pass 5/6”. I think it’s a bug personally, unless there’s a hidden challenge or late-game challenge that you go back for later? Unsure. Other zones don’t seem to have this problem.

Same issue here… Wild guess, but maybe has something to de with difficulty mode???