World's first (PC!) Fours Sensitive!

Alright. Ladies, Gentleman, but mostly the ladies - I’m calling it right here, right now.
This… this… there are no words. I had 24 quad kills. I then got 16 triples before I got my next quad. Two those very very damn near to two more pentas. But, the amazing headache and stolen finishes beside, I got it.


So now, in hindsight, here are some more stats people might be interested in.

So I guess while I’m on this pride train, I’ve also got a folder full of (literally) 30+ screenshots of worthy of song games with thorn. Most with 1-2 deaths, most with closer to 35 kills.

Haha, one last thing, promise - I also want to lay claim to the world’s highest (I should specify PC this time, too?) PVP score.


Good work, but first player in the game to get it?

I’m afraid not…

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What?! How can this be? Who else has it?

What system are you on?

Im on PS4 and I know and have seen a lot of people with it…not trying to rob you of your awesome achievement!

Oh. PC. Well, atleast I have the world’s first PC then. How many does it take on Ps4?

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The same for all systems…

How do you get the title?

25 quad kills.

Wait? YOU still play?
Eh. none of it matters, you’re playing Thorn, thats like a cheat code anyways.

Haha, I actually only switched to thorn because that’s my main, and I wanted that to be in the picture. They’re spread pretty evenly over Oscar Mike, Orendi, El Dragon, and then Thorn.

Man all I want is penta strike… The last quad I got my opponent had a pendles on there team so I was foaming at the mouth trying to find it… Ansley bastard…

Oh and gratz. Lol

The anger that a stolen penta generates is just… intense. xD

I’ve had, completely seriously - 4 more pentas that I was DEFINITELY going to get, stolen from me.

It’s sad cause I have about 110 matches with el dragon and STILL haven’t pulled it off… Maybe I am bad? I would like to think I am doing my best trying to lower dragons D’s on his kd ratio though

Most important tip with him - take the LLC health chest piece. 280+ health on activation, 210+ plus when your shields go down. What that actually means, is, every time your shields drop you instantly gain 210 health. That, plus a Scoundrels Hurricane, and the Jennerit fist that does 8.40%+ Attack, and 5.60%+ Attack Speed after landing a melee hit, compromises my El Dragon loadout.

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I always wasn’t sure how the health stuff worked on broken shield. Do I get an extra 210 added to my health pool when it’s broken or not. For example if my current health is 1200 out of 1500 then when my shield drops does it go to 1410 out of 1710 or 1200 out of 1710?

As of now I am running an Eldrid rare vest, Eldrid sword and vow of vengeance. So that’s like 700 extra health 15 percent AS and about 20 percent damage

I play a bit on PS4 and have never seen anyone wearing the Fours Sensitive title…see plenty of Worthy of Songs and Old Man Cranky’s, and 1 or 2 Pentastrikes, but I’ve yet to come across a PS4 player with Fours Sensitive. They may well be out there, but you’re in rare company with that title regardless.

I know one friend who has it and have seen at least 4-5 randoms out there with it.

But I spend why too much time in PVP lol.

Seen it a few times in PVP already (PC/EU)

So, even though I can’t prove it now, I’m gonna say that you’re not the World’s first Fours Sensitive on PC…

PC anyway is all about shooting fish in barrels. Its all noobs vs veterans (and most in premades)

If there was any ELO system whatsoever and people played vs others of their same skill level and premade vs premade instead of stomping newcomers, very very few would have titles like worthy of song or coop, let alone fours sensitive.

Im at best a very very mediocre player and I got worthy of song plenty of times, because I had luck of the draw joining a 4 man premade vs a bunch of horrible fresh pugs. Had I played with/against people of my same skill range there’s no way on earth I could have gotten 25 kills on my own vs them.

I hope that if one day GBX miraculously manages to turn this sinking (more like already sunk) ship around and somehow get a healthy playerbase with a functional ELO ranking, they reset all the titles so people (me included) have to actually EARN them again, just fair and square this time.

Sorry if Im raining on your parade OP, but Im not impressed in the slightest by your title given the current situation on PC


Sorry man, but not the first, I have seen a few even several weeks ago. (PC)

But still, great achievement!