Worried Executive Insurance Policy will be nerfed next

It gives you an overshield over 8 seconds everytime your shield recharges to full. With an extra 800 shield I’m worried that Gearbox will nerf it down to crap next. Is there any way I could be wrong? Please tell me I’m wrong. I’ve been farming PVE and buying LLC loot packs for the past 4 days now and I don’t want all that hard work to be wasted.

How about you shut up about the item instead of bringing it to their attention on their own forum.

…extra dots…

Why must you be nasty? I come to this forum looking for guidance and reassurance and all I get are nasty people like you. Plus I’ve already gone to reddit and the steam forums and haven’t gotten a reply so where else was I going to go?

I get what you were trying to say but…You could have definitely chosen your words better. That did come off a bit rude.

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We haven’t heard anything official yet, but I don’t think GBX will touch it unless they have a very good reason. ISIC’s shields were reduced because every ISIC character had access to them and they were causing balance issues in PVP. Your item is pretty rare and costs quite a bit to activate, so unless everybody and their brother gets one and unbalances PVP, it should be fine.

Thing is, You either have the over shield when a fight starts, or you don’t. It isn’t going to cause issues like Alamo.