Worried That "Community Gold" May Be Misunderstood

Ok so @Jythri and @joekgbx I do understand that there was a coding error or some such which is causing “Battleborn Day Guide” to be displayed as “Community Gold” when you download and equip the title, but, I wanted to bring this to your (and the community’s) attention:

I’ve used “Community Gold” off and on since yesterday and I’ve had 3 people already ask me over mic while waiting for a match (and I’m paraphrasing here) “So what’s this Community Gold title? Is it just another way for all you Battleborn fanboys to show off all the money you have spent on bling for this game?” after which I explained that it is meant to indicate players who are willing to help people learn, share knowledge, and answer questions.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I hope this awesome new title does not get misunderstood because it represents a really awesome concept!


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Yea, like you said, it’s an unintended thing that will be fixed soon. Hopefully, this doesn’t prove to be a regular occurrence, but it sounds like you handled that interaction perfectly!