Worse matchmaking I've ever seen in a game

After the fiasco that was my last match I just had to put this up. Seriously, I know that the player number is dropping and all but putting a premade team of 5 level 100 players versus a level 5 player whose first game it was in PvP (not mine mind you) is just damn disgraceful. On my team someone quit before they even got to character select and then we lost another one as soon as the match started. So that level 5’s first exposure to the game was having to fight an already lost battle while that premade team picked up an almost flawless win. I love BB and the potential it has but it’s stuff like that which makes people just turn it off and not return.


was the level 5 partied up with someone? Thats really the only excuse you can make for something like that.

Also to have 2 people quit before the game even begins is just stupid. They could be 5 of the worst players in the game, you dont know that until you play. All the more reason to hide CR

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Haha, go play Evolve; i sometimes feel like there is only ever three people playing (myself included). Battleborn will get there though…


Ranks/leaderboards/etc. are killing games more than microtransactions. They either promote cheap tactics to “be the best there ever was”, or new players get too demoralized to even play.

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Our team and I use the term loosely didn’t have a single partied up player so yeah, the poor level 5 player got done hard by the matchmaking.

I don’t think hiding the CR would have made much difference to the game at any rate. Level 5 player didn’t even know what any of the character even were, so putting him against that level of play, which if they’re level 100 is probably miles ahead of that poor guy is just again disgraceful.

It feels like ELO was turned off today. At CR100, I’m getting queued with sub CR 10 players today when normally I get paired with 80-100 players.


For a second i thought ELO meant “Electric Light Orchestra”. Haha… I’m officially old.

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Pretty sure at this point, if you’re not playing premade, chances are you’re going to lose. There just aren’t that many people to match up with.

Haha wow, I just posted this after you. We should merge these two… but here’s my post right with you man.

Was this on xbox? Cause our matchmaking was retarded tonight

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Command rank isn’t everything though. A team of 4 100’s and 1 30~ got steamrolled by a team I was on with no one over 40. (Actually, on second thought, one might’ve been level hundred.) Your team composition means a whole lot more.

As other have said…in an effort to reduce matchmaking time it appears they have shut off most ELO restrictions enitrely.

Pros…faster matchmaking!

Cons…lousy matchmaking!

This COULD help with matchmaking/dropouts.

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No we flag you because you say some ignorant stuff on here allllllllll the time its getting ridiculous if you don’t like the game fine go play something else but at this point your trolling everybody else here…its every thread I click on you’ve said some just plain stupid crap on it, I know there will always be trolls but this is getting annoying, I know my post will probably be flagged or removed completely but everybody here needs to know to just ignore you. I haven’t seen you ever make an intelligent or informed comment on these forums. GO AWAY

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this matchmaking system is really bad. first of all you should get matched up with people who are the same or 3-4 command ranks above or below you and second of all why are there lvl 30s and 50s who seem like they have no idea what they are doing and have their sentry down to nothing during the first 10 min not even against a premade team? if you dont know how to play at lvl 30 then 1. theres something wrong or 2. go practice

I’m command rank 96 and I still have no clue what I’m doing.
I also don’t know why command rank is displayed.

I’m old. I’m an awful gamer. I get to play games like this with family and I have way too much free time. I don’t want anyone to think I’m awesome at command rank 96 when I’m more likely a surely old fart who’s a detriment to my team due to bad eyes and molasses like reflexes.

GB. Hide that stat. It helps no one and causes quitting.


We played with a random CR3 Montana a couple nights ago who was so good we invited them into our premade with CR100s. They should just hide the CR during matchmaking then nobody will have anything to complain about. The titles are better show of skill level and most are either CR100 or new now anyway.

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i had 20 losses in a row today

so many nooooobs.

and when i try to give them advice like “range dps plz kil that turret”

i get response like “stfu dude its just a game”

its like people like to lose


I do hope they segregate match making to a degree. And by this I mean new players getting a few practice matches in with bots before thrown into the real thing. Not based on CR or anything, just if you have never pvped, it puts you in a separate que. Filled with bots and other low level people :3

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5 level 100 players have a GIGANTIC amount of time in the game. 99% of the time they will be pretty good. Getting ALL level 100’s is premades usually. Getting all 5 100’s to be players that suck after a GIGANTIC amount of gametime is pretty much zero.

it is a matchmaking fail of the highest level. Whatever system Gbox is using, it is failing catastrophically. It seems Gbox was incredibly wrong in their predictions for the actual playerbase in this game. Like out of touch wrong.

Gonna take a while for them to fix issues like these that are the bedrock of the game design.